ISHRA is the best (chapter11)


hey guys…iam back and my exam is a long way back!ts only in October but I have lessons and will not b free…
Yesterday was my birthday and guess what????DT got engaged to vivek… 🙂 OMG!Finally my wish came true…..They r a couple officially!!!I have an insta pg for them called ‘divek_thelovelycouple’ pls do follow my page if u r using insta guys!!!
anyways I will continue with my epi…

scene1:ishra in their room
ishu is telling something to raman but he is not listening
ishu: r u ok?
rmn:yeah!iam fine
ishu:r u still thinking abt that god damn car?
raman:ishu…Its manoj’s car
ishu:which manj?
raman:doc manoj
ishu:what?But how…
raman:i am very sure its his car!
ishu:how u know…
raman:i gifted it when rishi was born
ishu:he went to Mumbai…
rama:thats what its bothering me!If its really manoj,then will try to bring him and shagun together
raman:they separated becos of saving me!
they both get thinking

scene2:shagun brings the children from school
rohit:i want choco ice cream
rohan and ishi:vanilla!
shagun:offo!Its wnter guys!
3rs:ice cream ice cream…
shagun:no way!then ishu will scream at me!
they get the car key from her hand and get into the car and closes the door
shagun:open the door..
the 3 augh nside
ashok:need help shagun?
shagun turns and gets shoked to c him
asok:yeah!Ashok Khanna!
shagun:but u…n jail
ashok:i came out!

they argue and ashok strangels her
the kids get shocked but manoj comes and beat him up
manoj:r u ok?
shagun:yes…but ashok?
manoj:its ok relax
the kids come out and hugs shagun
3rs:r u ok mausii?
shagun:i am ok
manoj:who r these kids?
shagun:ishita and sarka’s sons…
they talk for a while and manoj leaves

scene3:meera meets adi
adi:so hows the office
meera:just like an office
adi:stop kidding yaar
meera:loved the food yeaterday?
adi:which 1 r u talking abt?
meera:i saw u at the retaurrant yesterday
adi:u were there?
meera:i came with my frens
adi:i didn’t c u
meera:i came when u left the place!i saw u getting into the car
adi:the food was great!
rishabh:which food?
rishabh:yup!How u mate?
adi:when did u come back from London?
rishabh:just now straight from the arport!
adi:wow!Saw dad?

rishabh:he is in a meeting…
adi:oh yeah…
rishabh:what happened to ur hand?
rishabh:oh great…
rishabh:just kidding yaar
adi:btw meera ths is rishabh!And ishu this is meera my fren
rishabh and meera shake hands
adi:a businessman by profession as well!
raman comes there and blesses rishabh
raman:u r hadsome man
adi:so I am not?
they laugh

scene4:shagun comes home and tell the kids to keep quiet
ishu:what happen?
ishu:u guys look gloomy as f something happened
shagun:ssshhh…nothing ishita!
ishu looks at them
shagun:go and change kids…
they go and shagun goes to her room
ishu thinking:what happened to them?shagun is hiding something from me

scene5:ashok is treating to his own wounds
ashok:he nearly killed me!is he a doc or what?He is not important but shagun ishita raman and abhishek!i will kill them!
his informer calls him
ashok:ok..ya ya I am fine!Do our next plan tmr!raman must come to the road!I will pay u a larger amt after u done with the work!
he ends call:raman bhalla u r dead!

precap:ashok gets a good news from his informer and gets happy.Its a new love story for ruhi and rishabh.

sry for the short update guys!
Apart from my exams I am really happy for divyanka and vivek!I still cannot believe it and pls don’t forget to follow my insta pg for them called ‘divek_thelovelycouple’
next update is next sat or sun

Credit to: Rithika

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  1. Hi…same pinch..yesterday was my birthday too and I am also very happy that dt and vivek got engaged on my birthday…

    1. Belated wishes Neha and Rithika…?

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