ISHRA is the best (chapter10)

Hey guys I am back…Sry for late update cos I wasn’t feeling well for the past week.I updated yesterday but it didn’t update and if u see the episode twice just ignore it!i am stting for my national exams this year and I wont update the whole week.I try to update over the weekend but don’t expect me to update all day…

scene1:ishra and the kids arrive at the restaurant
ishu:the restaurant is so cool raman
adi:yes papa
raman:its for these two cosi scolded them yesterday
rohan and rishi:i forgot that papa
rohan:but promise to buy us ice cream
ishu:no!Its winter and no ice cream
raman:its ok ishu…Just like I bought u
adi:shall v go?i am hungry
they go and raman sees a car
raman:this car looks familier
ishu:u must have seen it somewhere
raman:but the number…
ishu:raman lets go

scene2:shagun comes there
shagun looks at the 6:they are so happy
she goes to a man seated n a table.
raman gets a call from ashok
ashok:u r being watched!
he ends call and adi looks at raman
adi:what happen papa?
raman:nothing a wrng call
he looks at ishu and the kids
shagun touches the man’s shoulder and it is manoj
manoj:u arrived…
shagun:i missed u so much
manoj hugs shagun and cries.she calms him down and makes him sit
manoj:sry fo that day
shagun:which day?
manoj:the day I slapped u

scene3:pathak and abhishek meet
Pathak:ashok didn’t do anything fshy abh….
Pathak:he came out with gd behaviour
abhi laughs:what!?
ashok:y cant I?
abhi and Pathak:u!?
ashok:i will ruin u raman ishita and shagun!
Pathak:shut up!
ashok:i didn’t alk to u!
abhishek:what do u want now!?
ashok:nothing!i have to go somewhere urgently!Just came to warn u abt savng ur lives!
he leaves and abhishek thinks on

shagun:its ok manoj
manoj:i slapped u cos u lied to me!
manoj:kya but vut?U lied to me
shagun:but u knew the reason
manoj: got so angry with u so I left for Mumbai
shagun:i stayed single cos I culdnt forget u!
manoj:me too.
shagun:mummyji,ishu and amma told me lots of time to settle in life but culdnt forget u
mnaoj:ive got to tell u something shagun
manoj:i am married

scene5:raman is driving the car and in deep thought
adi:u know ishimaa,these kids have a very good memry
adi:they remembered what happened 3 yrs ago…
ruhi:they pushed me from the stairs
ishu laughs
ruhi:no matter what I still love them…
ishu turns back:they r fast asleep
rohan in adi’s lap and rishi in ruhi’s lap
adi:i love them
he kisses rohan and looks at rishi
ruhi:i asked for 1 baby and u gave me 2 ishimaa…
ishu smiles and looks at raman
ishu:raman r u in ur senses?
raman:the phone…
ishu:arrey…the wrng call!
raman:nah!Not that the car!i meant the car!
ishu:raman there are many similar cars!
raman nods and sees a car infront of him with the name manoj on the back window
raman to himself:manoj…That’s right!I gifted manoj the car when rishi was born!t means manoj was there

scene6:hagun slaps manoj
shagun:i waited for u and u…
manoj laughs:chill…I was just playing
manoj:i realise how much u love me
shagun holds his hand:of course I love u!
manoj looks at her
shagun:wait…u r not married right?
manoj:no!I culdnt forget u!Mom arranged a marriage alliance for me but I didn’t accept!She scolded me and I came out!U guys changed house and I couldn’t meet raman!I went to US later and came back to find u and guess what?I did!
shagun smiles and somebody watches them

precap:Shagun chases the kids on the road and they get into the car and lock.Shagun callsthem out and gets shocked seeing ashok behind her.Ashok stangles her and the kids get shocked.Manoj comes there and beats up ashok

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