ISHRA is the best (chapter 6)


scene1:raman comes home and steps onto shravu’ school bag
raman:arrey what’s this?
shravu:3rs put sand in my bags!
adi:so?pappa that’s shruvu’s favourite bag…
param:no worries shravu,i will buy u a new one!
raman:he param!
raman and param hug
raman:wht a surprise!
param:ananya and simmi wanted to c u all…
raman:oh ok!
shagun:raman,u came home early?
ramam:where is ishita?
shagun:in room.she is angry with the kids
raman:i will look.and u ask neelu to clear the sand!the kids are going to get it frm me!
param:no raman!they r sleeping.C them later..

scene2:pathak meets abhishek
abhishek:raman just called me
Pathak:y wht happened?
abhishek:ishitaji got to know abt ashok
abhishek:idk!But did u fnd out how ashok came out
Pathak:yes!He did something fishy to do this!
pahak:yes!he bribed the officials and got out!
abhishek:but how?
Pathak:i don’t know!But he must have gotten help from an outsider
abhishek:strange!sooraj went out of india and he shuldnt have helped him!
Pathak:thats what which is bothering me.How did he cme out?
abhishek:he did something.v have to find out

scene3:raman comes to ishita.ishita looks angrily at raman.
raman:im sorry ishita!
ishu:y?y sry?u did right!so no need for sry!
raman:i didn’t want u to get worried
ishu looks at him
raman:sry yaar!
ishita cries and hugs raman
ishu:dont u know how scared I was 10 yrs ago?u hid it frm me!
raman consoles ishu:i don’t want to make u worry ishu
ishu continues crying and raman jokes making her smile
ishu:raman,i am thinking abt changing the children’s school
raman:no ishita!i will take to the principal.If they do anything agn then will ask them to punish them!
ishu:its not that raman!There is something else!
ishita:ashok is the school’s watchman
ishu:i met him when I went to school today!
raman:ashok watchman…
ishu:yes I am worried that he might do something to the kids
raman:ishu don’t worry!relax!
ishu:how can I be relaxed?My sons r in a sch which is not safe!That monster is there!
raman:okok!I will think abt changing the school
raman gets a call frm ashok
ashok:no matter how many times u change ur sons’ school,i will follow
he ends the call.raman tells ishu abt t
ishu:how did he know this?
raman thinks on
ishu:mayb s there an informer here agn?
she looks towards the door
raman:ishita is common sense!If he had seen u today he sures know that v will take this decision
ishu:but raman…
raman:there was no informer last time!He just fooled us(I just added this in)
ishu looks at raman and raman hugs her
raman:dont worry ishita!v will ask abhishek to do something

scene4:adi is in the hospital.He bumps into a beautiful girl
adi to himself:wow!I found my ladylove…
they have an eyelock and the girl waves her hand infront of him
girl:ur Aditya right?
adi:how do u know my name?
girl:hey adi!Dont u know me?
adi looks confused
girl:its me meera!
adi:meera…?which meera?
meera:how many meera do u know?
adi:sry I don’t recognise u?Who r u?
mera:its me!Meera Ghosh!
adi:meera ghosh…?
meera:offo adi!V were collage mates!V took the same course!
adi:oii!! ‘mad girl’!Is that u!?
meera:oh finally!U gpt me!
adi:how r u mad girl?
meera:im not mad girl!Its meera ghosh! apple and beans!
they laugh

scene5:abhika in their room.mihika gets hold of her 1st ultrasound reports.
FB shows abhishek and mihika in hospital looking at their 1st child’s ultrasound reports
abhi:its a baby grl!
mihika:not its a boy!
they both argue and abhishek hugs her!
abhishek:what if its twins?1 boy and 1 girl!
mihika laughs and abhishek kisses her.FB ends
mihika cries and abhishek sees her holding the reports.Abhishek touches her shoulder and she hugs him
abhishek:mihika…I asked u to throw away these!
mihika:how can?These r my children abhishek!
abhishek makes mihika sit down
mihika:3 times!ive lost them!
abhishek:mihka relax!
mhika cres and abhishek consoles her

scene6:ad and meera in a coffee shop
meera:how did u hurt ur hand?
adi:my 3 brothers…Very naughty but I love them…
meera smiles.
adi:u had a brother right?
meera:yes but…
meera:lets not talk abt him!
adi:ok…! min u took the business course wth me and u r a nurse here!?
meera:yes but becos of sme circumstances I took nursing course
meera:u changed collage adi!so u don’t know…My brother forced me to change course!
adi:but u went thru most of the ourse right?
meera:i completed it adi!but then took up nursing agn!
adi:strange!how culd u manage both courses and u finished nursing so fast!?
meera:money man!Money speaks nowadays!
meera:i actually wanted to work in a office like a boss!But becos of my bro…Everything is gone adi!
adi:meera!U still can join my company right?
adi smiles

precap:the 3rs creates a chaos at home.Raman comes home angrily and screams at them.Ishita gets shocked at raman’s behaviour.Ashok plots against raman.Adi is n his wonderland thinking abt meera.ruhi and shravu tease him.

Credit to: Rithika

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