ISHRA is the best (chapter 5)


scene1:ishita and sarika go to the school.
principal:mrs ishita and sarika bhalla!this is the last warning for rohit,rishi and rohan!V just cant tolerate their nonsense!
rohit:then change school…
sarika:shut up rohit!
ishu:mdm what did they do now?
princi:what they didn’t do here?they did all the mistakes.Throwning things out of the window!not doing hw!fighting!eberything!the only thing they didn’t do was pranking the teacher but they did it today!
sarika:what did they do?
princi:the placed a bucket of water on top of the classroom door nd when the teacher came in,that all!They even treathened the others not to shout
ishu:really really sorry mam!

princi:sry doesn’t wrk here mrs bhalla!How r u managing them at home!
ishu:i cant tolerate their nonsense as well!The are just so much to take in…
rohan:mumma pls…
ishu:just keep quiet!U 3 are too much!V cant just take it!
princi:if this is going to continue then I wuld have to dismiss them
rohan and rishi look at each other.Rishi signs to rohan and rohan throws a cup of water onto the principal’s face!
ishu:rohan rishi!
they run out of the room and ishita chases them

scene2:ruhi and shrav have a talk in their school
ruhi:shravu v have to put an end to the kids pranks!
shravu:haan ruhi!u know how much adi bhaiya had of them?
ruhi:he just recovered from a similar fracture and agn this!Ths is just too much!
shravu opens his bag and screams
ruhi:offo shravu!what?
shravu:sand in my bag!?
ruhi gets shocked and looks at it
ruhi:didnt u feel the bag a bit heavier?
shravu:i did but didn’t take it seriously!
ruh:now wht!?
shravu looks at ruhi and smiles:they r dead ruhi!
ruhi laughs and shravi throws sand at her.
Shravu:they r busted!

scene3:ishita chases her sons around the corridorShe bumps into a watchman and gets shocked
watchman:stop running lady1this is not ur school!
ashok:yes!its me!ashok Khanna!
ishu:but u…
ashok:came out!to harm ur family agn!
ishu slaps him.ashok gets angry
ishu:i shuld have slapped u that day for trying to kil my raman but u were arrested!
ishu:hey!shut up!U cant do anything…even if u try to do anything,i wont leave u!
ashok:ohho!So this u r challenging me?
ishu:u got it!
ashok:look at me!I was a big business man 10 yrs ago but now just a watchman…I lost everything!U husband know that I am out but he kept quiet!But u…
ishu:shut up!
rishi and rohan cme back slowly and c their mom arguing with a watchman
ashok:i will make ur family suffer like me ishita bhalla!
ishu:as if u can!U cant even cme near us!
ashok fumes at ishta.Ishta goes to her kids and pull them frowning at ashok.
ashok:ishita…wait and c!

scene4:ishita and sarika brings the kids home.Ishita goes to th kitchen and breaks the things in anger.
toshiji:ishta wht r u doing?
ishita doesn’t talk and places the things hardly
toshiji:ishta leave it!they r just kids!Raman nd romi ued to do this as well!
ishu:its not abt them mummyji!
just then simmi cmes there and asks toshiji to keep quiet and leave ishita alone for a while.they leave and ishita calls raman.
raman:kya hua ishita?what did the kids do now?
ishita: iam kidnapped raman!
ishu:shocked?I gave the same reaction when ashok told me that u know abt his release.
ishu:u hide everything from me raman!Everything!
raman:i didn’t mean to ishita…
ishu:then what?thought that u can handle that brat!alone!
raman:ishita list…
ishu:no raman!no!U hide everything from me!U started it agn…
she cries and hangs up the phone…
raman:where did ishita meet that ashok?
ishu cries:iss raavan kumar!Always like this…And now ashok!Aiyoo murugan!He is back into our lives agn!
She continues crying

scene5:shruvu comes hom and throwns the bag
adi:whao shruvu!Kya hua yaar?
shruvu:where are the 3rs?
adi:they just got scolding from ishimaa…
ruhi:what did they do?
shruvu:thats not important!They spoilt my new bag!
adi looks at the bag and laughs.
shravu:thats not funny!That a really costly bag man!
shitija:same here anna!They placed sand in my bag as well!
shruvu:that not a costly bag!mine is more expensive!
they argue.adi and ruhi hi-five each other looking at them..They laugh looking at the both of them

scene6:Ashok goes hom by walk.a woman throws drain water at him and ashok argues.
the woman:if u stay here ts like this!Its a slum man!
ashok:u know that I was a businessman b4?
woman:b4!Not now!Now get lost!
ashok to himself:raman!U made me stand in between drain!mr brother sold the house and settled overseas cos he was ashame dof me!I wont leave u raman bhalla!u will stay like this as well!Very soon raman!very soon!U will b n the same situation like I am now and I will b on top agn!Our lives will reverse!U will pay for it!

precap:ishita tells raman that she want to change the kids school.Raman asks y and ishita says that ashok is a watchman there.Raman gets a call from ashok and tells ishita abt it.Adi goes to meet the doctor and bumps into a beautiful girl.It was love at first sight for adi.

Credit to: Rithika

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