ISHRA is the best (chapter 4)


scene1:adi gets shocked to hear shagun.
shagun:i wont let her stay lke this…
shagun:were u scared adi?I meant that I wont let her stay as a good mother but the best!

shagun:y u thought I became bad agn?
adi looks at her and shagun hugs him.
shagun:ur my son too adi!But ishita is a much much better mum than me…
adi:shagun mumma…
shagun:ishita is always ur mum and wont let anything happen to ur family adi!
adi:u r our family too…
shagun:2nd family
she kisses him and leaves.ishita watches them.
ishita to herself:she shuld have been like this since the beginning…all our life wuld have changed!

scene2:raman is tensed and confused at office…Mihir cmes in
mhir:raman its time for meeting
raman stays still.mihir calls him agn and raman responds.
mihir:r u ok?
raman:nothing!ok lets go…
mihir:where is adi?
raman:at home!the 3rs injured him and he had a fractured hand
raman:relax mihir!he is ok!
mihir:bhai!there is a letter for u!
raman:from who?
mihir:no ‘from’ address…
raman takes the letter and opens t.
raman:ts blank!
raman shows it to mihir and the paper is blank
mihir:it must b a mistake or something!cme lets go!
raman thinks on

scene3:ishu is in the kitchen with amma and toshiji
amma:what r u thinking ishu?
ishu:dont u all think she feels lonely?

ishu:then y don’t u take to her abt marriage?
toshiji:v talked to her long time ago but she refused and decided to stay single
ishu:but mummyji…
amma:ishita,let shagun b herself!Its her life and she have to decide it…
shagun cmes there and tells ishita that she is bringing the kids to sch.They leave for school and ishu thinks abt her

scene4:shagun brings the children to school.The children create a ruckus in the car.
shagun:offo!Guys pls keep quiet!Iam dirving na!
Rohit:who asked u to drive?lets fly!
rishi laughs and rohan ask him to shut up!
shagun:wah rohan!Ur a gd boy now!
rohan:not that mausii!If v make noise while ur driving u may go n bang into a tree or something!
they laugh and shagun looks through the mirror.
Shagun:these kids!OMG!
the school comes and the children get down.shagun leave sthem at school and they kiss her.
she smiles and cme back to her car when she sense some1 behind her.She turns and get shocked.
she smiles:when did u cme back?
the man is shown as param.
param:just now only…Ananya wanted to c the kids but they went into school.
shagun hugs simmi and param and kisses ananya.
shagun:dont worry ananya!Probably some1 at home will b called back to school to bring this kids home early!
param:oh!how is adi?
shagun:he’s fine.U just talked to him right?
param:yes!i didn’t tell him v came to india!Surprise!
shagun:raman will b shocked to c u and so will the family
they leave in the car and head to the house.

scene5:Shagun comes home wth the khurana family
toshiji:oiii…balle balle!
toshiji hugs them and blesses them
ishita and vandu comes there and sees simmi
simmi:ishita!how r u?
they hug too and adi comes there…
param:hey adi!how r u?
adi:just look at me…And y didn’t u tell me u r here?
adi:u shuld have came here earlier!abt 1hr ago!Those saitans where here!
simmi:adi don’t tell like that
adi:simmi bua!U don’t know abt them!They r saitans!Monsters!Demons!Devi…
shagun:adi enough!Go take rest…
ishita gets a call and gets shocked.
amma:what happen ishu?
ishu:amma!From the school!
shagun:oh no!Ananya I told u right!V just came back home and ths…
ananya laughs.
ishu:they r busted today!!!

toshiji:ishita calm down don’t scold them!
sarika:nahi mummyji!They r dead today!I got the call agn!# tmes continuously last week!
ishu:and one the 1st day of the week…!1st call abt a complaint against them!Its enough of everythin!I just cant take it anymore!
ishu and sarika leave for school angrily

precap:ishu chases the kids along the school corridor and she bumps into the watchman who asks her to stop running like a mad woman and the school is not hers.She gets angry and slaps him.Later she scolds raman for hiding everything from her.

Credit to: Rithika

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