ISHRA is the best (chapter 3)

hey guys…I was thinking abt changing my title cos there are many ff on the name ishra…Culd u suggest me some titles or shall I stay with this…

Scene1shita scolds 3rs.
ishu:Y did u 3 do this!?
3rs:v didn’t so anything…
shagun:then y did u came running to the room?
rohit:v were scared that u will suspect us
ishu:only the criminals run!so u 3 did it right?
ishu:shut up!Shagun u go and look at the kds will take care of these fellows…
shagun leaves and abhishek enters
abhi:arrey ishitaji!Kya hua?
ishu tells everything to him.abhishek looks at the kids.
abhi:y did u do this?
ishu:no only this!they injured adi!adi fell into a hole which these 3 dug!
ishu:yes!adi had minor fracture…
abhi:u know that ama police right?i can produce u in juvenile court for…
abhi:y did u do this?
3rs:cos adi bhaiya didn’t brng us to a movie..
abhi:i will bring u 3 to movie.
hearing this the 3 of them go to get ready
ishu:y did u agree to bring them?
abhi:its ok ishitaji…they r my kids too…after mihika had miscarriages 3 tmes v lost hope…

abhi:its ok!actually I had planned to bring mihika for a movie so I will bring the children along
ishu:abhishek r u ok?
ishu:u look worried
abhishek says nothng and leaves…

scene2:ad ruhi shravu and shitja r in the room.3rs cme there
adi:oh god!
3rs pull their ears and apologise
shravu whispers to ruhi:dont believe these saitans!
rohan crawl onto bed beside adi.rishi beside shitija and rohit beside shravu…
rohan:does it hurt bhaiya?
adi calmly:no…
and in a count of 3 rohan its adi’s hand,rohit squeezes shravu’s nose and rishi messes shitija’s hair…
the 3rs un to the door and make faces and run away…
the 4 kids get shocked and later laugh…
adi:these kidoos…ouch!
ruhi:does it hurt?
adi:yes but its ok!they r my brothers!
shravu:brotherly love…
ruhi:its been 10 yrs when the 3 of them were born and now they are 10!
shitija:i nvr c them beng born…I was small as well right!
shravu:yeah!but ur birth story is the funniest…
he laugh and adi ruhi join him
shitija:whats so funny?
adi:u know that ur 1st name was Raman Bhalla?
ruhi:yes!ishimaa told me…the whole story of ur birth!
the 3 grown ups recall their past life and smile…
shitija thinks on:im so grateful to have a family like this…

scene3:ishita comes into the room scolding the kids…
ishita:i just cant tolerate them!Can u raman!?
raman sts down thnking
ishita:i blame u and romi for ruining the kids…Over love!Param is the right person for the 3rs…But he is in Dubai!He would have managed them well….
ishu looks at raman
raman doesn’t respond and stays tensed…she shakes raman’s shoulder and he come back to his senses.
ishu:kya hua raman?ur ok na?
raman tries to smile and says nothing.
ishu:r u worried abt the kids?
raman looks at her and hugs her.
raman:im scared abt u…I will alwas b with u and will nvr leave u…
ishita gets shocked
raman:i love you ishita!i will nvr leave u!
hearing her voice he wipes his tears and look at her..
ishu:raman what r u saying?
raman laughs:nothing just b careful that u don’t fall into a new hole!
ishita gets relieved:u scared me raman!
ishu hugs him and raman worries

scene4:its morning and adi is reading newspaper.the phone rings and adi picks up…
ad:arrey param phupha!Aap kaisey hai?
param:mein theek hoon…And u?
adi:me…not fine at all…
param:y what happened?
adi:fell into a hole…
adi tells the whole story..
param:i will take care of them when I return
adi:when r u coming back?
param:y thnk you?
adi:so that u will take care of the kids…
param:ok adi I have some work here ust wanted to inform that v may b coming back soon but don’t know when…bye!
adi:Strange!how cme the signal is so clear?Whatever…now the 3rs r dead!
shagun cmes there and asks adi how is he
adi:im fine ishimaa just came and have me pain killers…
shagun:ishita is really a good mother…
shagun:but I wont let her b like this…
adi gets shocked

precap:shagun leaves the 3rs in school and returns to the car.She sense someone following her behind.She turns and gets shocked and later smiles.Ur back?Im so happy that ur back!Raman will b shocked to c u so will the family…

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