ISHRA is the best (chapter 1)

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Scene1:In a big mansion.The bhallas and iyer live together.Ishita n shagun in the kitchen.
ishita:what r u dong shagun?
shagun:what else,Aloo paratha for your kids.
Ishita looks at her.
shagun:what?y r u looking like this?
ishita:our kids shagun!
Ishta:how can u think like this?They r our kids!Dont ever talk like this!
ishita hugs shagun.
ishita:thank you shagun!
shagun:y thank you?
ishita:dont know.felt like telling you!
they hug agn and mrs bhalla cmes there.
mrs bhalla:ishita shagun…
mrs bhalla blesses the 2 of them.
Mrs bhalla:May u two live long like this…Together and always.
They smile and hugs her.raman cme there and smiles seeing them.
raman:ahem…!Sry for the disturbance!
they look at him.
Ishita:there is nothing like that raman…
raman similes and asks ishita.
raman:where is adi?
Shagun:adi went to office early
they hear a noice and cme outside.They are shocked.

scene2:ruhi n shitija in their room.
shitija:akka…Whats wrong now!?
Ruhi:rrey shitija my purse is missing…Don’t know where I kept it yesterday.
shitija:i remembered that u kept on the drssing tbl.
ruhi:no yaar its not there!
Shitija:jst take another purse n go!
ruhi:thats my sentiment purse…
shijita looks on.
ruhi:ishimaa gave me!
hitija thinks to herself:ok now that not going to end…
shravan cmes there and shout at ruhi
shravan:what r u thinking of urself!?
shravan:idnt u take my new keychain?
shijita:y must she take ur keychain?Thats a boyish keychain!
Shravan:shitija shut up!u ont know abt this devil here!
Ruhi:shravu!!Who r u calling a devil!?I didn’t take ur stupid keychain!
they argue when they hear a noise.they cme out and get shocked just like the rest!

Scene3:Every1 is in the gardenthey c a big hole in the ground.
Ruhi:where did this cme from.!?
they hear a voice calling for help.
shravu:thats adi bhaiya!
he and raman goes to the pit and c adi fallen inside.raman:adi!
Adi:pappa help!
They pull adi out.
ishita:what is this?How did this happen?
Ruhi laughs and says:mayb he was thinking abt some girl.
shravu laughs and adi pushes him
adi:its painful!that fall was hard!
shagun:adi cme in…raman bring him in!

scene4:doctor cmes and checks adi.
doc:adi is fine!he had a minor fracture!thats all!
raman:thank you doctor!
he leaves and raman turns to adi.
Raman:were ur eyes closed?how the hell did u fall nside!
ishita:raman…don’t scold him!t was an accident!
mrs bhalla:raman!how was there a big hole in our garden!?
romi n sarika cme there.
romi:maa…How cme there is a big hole outside?
they all look at each .
adi:i came back to take a file when I fell into it!
shagun:but how?
shitija:i know…
they all get shocked

scene5:ishita and sarika cme to the boys room.
sarika:wow!so the three of u are studying?
rishi:mummy!chachi!when did u two came?
sarika :bhabi…look at the floor.
ishita looks at it and smiles.There is mud everywhere.
ishita:rishi,rohan!my babies!pappa is calling to gift u something for ur good behaviour!
rishi and rohan look at each other
ishita pulls them by ears.they both shout.
they leave and sarika looks at rohit.rohit follows them.

precap:the bhallas and iyers have dinner.Shravan takes the food and spits onto adi.shitija shouts OMG!Abhishek tells raman something and raman gets shcked.

Credit to: Rithika


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