ishra a beautiful bond (episode 5)


hi guys. sorry for the late update.
lets get into the episode.

RECAP: ishu arrival to delhi. raman learning about ishu’s memory loss. ishita meeting pihu and remebers ruhi. she recalls her past.

pihu: ishima.
ishita: pihu.
ishita hugs pihu and cries.
ishita: what r u doing alone ehre pihu?
pihu: ishima i came with adi bhaiya.
pihu: yes ma.
ishita: aliya she is my pihu. my daughter. we will go and meet adi.
meanwhile adi comes in search of pihu.
he sees ishita.
he gets shocked seeing ishita.
adi: ishima.
ishita: adi.
ishita hugs adi
adi: ishima r u alive. we all thought u r dead.
ishita: adi mani uncle saved me.
she tells the whole story.
ishita: she si aliya adi. mani’s nephew she is also my daughter.
adi: ishima i missed u so much . we will go to hosue ishima come.
ishita: i cannot adi. i am the sinner. i killed my ruhi. i am responsible. i am a bad mother. i can never me a good mom.
pihu: ishima u never speak like that. it is papa’s mistake to speak to u like that to u. u never did any mistake.
ishita: but pihu.
adi: ur coming ishima that is final.
adi and pihu take ishita an daliya to bhalla house.
they all get shocked seeing her.
iyers were also present the
amma: ishu . u r alive.
amma hugs ihu and cries happily.
mrs bhalla: ishita puttar how r u aalive.
ishita explains them about everything.
mrs bhalla: ishita dont leave us and go . stay with us.
ishita: i cannot. i am not fit to stay mummyji. i am not a good person. i came here cause of pihu and
adi. bye .
ishita leaves.
everyone tries to stop her.
that time raman comes there and sees ishita.
raman: ishita.
ishita leaves crying and aliya follows ehr.
raman learns everything from bhalla house
he is very happy that ishita regained her memory.

the other side ruhaan reaches delhi with niddhi.
ruhaan has tears in his eyes seeing delhi.
her old moments come into her mind.
niddhi: day after tomorrow we have the ad until that u r not coming out of the hotel room. that is final.
nupur take him to hotel. i have an important work. i will be back.
niddhi leaves.


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  1. jasmine Rahul

    adi made ishita reaiize that she is not wrong n brought her back.thats so nice.raman is happy that ishita got her memory back.waiting 4 ishra scenes.precap is so interesting,cant wait

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much jasmine rahul

  2. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u so much reshma pradeep

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