ishra a beautiful bond (episode 4)

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The episode starts with mani,ishu,Aliya reaching mani’s house.
Ishita: wow mani beautiful house.
Mani: thank u.
Ishita: when r we going to sign contract?
Mani: today evening.
Ishita: ok. I will go out with Aliya and u look after the deal.
Mani: deal but u should also be there ne.
Ishita: ok I will be there. I will go out now. Just want to look around the city.
Mani: ok u go with Aliya.
Ishita and Aliya leaves to look around.

Ishita: such a beautiful city right.
Aliya: yes ma. Now where r we going.
Ishita: india gate.
Aliya: amma how do u know about this places.
Ishita: hmm saw in internet.
Ishita and Aliya get down of the car and crosses the door.
The car was about to hit Aliya ishita came and saved Aliya.
Ishita: Aliya r u fine?
Aliya: yes.
Ishita: wont u see and cross the road aliya
A man comes out of the car.

He was shocked to see ishita.
He was none other than our raman.
Ishita: don’t u have any manners. What if anything happened to her. r u out of sense.
Ishits sees raman but couldn’t recognize him.
Ishita: hello mister. This man r like this only. Aliya come we will leave. It is already time.
Raman was shocked and with shock he followed the car.
Raman: ishita is alive. But how could she not recoginise me. how is it possible. Why did she hide from me? but my life came back. But how could she hide from me?
Raman had mixed feelings.

Raman follows the car.

Raman: omg why is she reaching here. this is my meeting point place with the other company na.
Ishita and Aliya goes in.
Ishita: mani we r here.
Mani: they said me that they reached.
Raman enters.
Raman and mani get shocked seeing each other.
Raman stares at mani.
Mani: ishu Aliya u wait outside na. I want to talk to him.
Ishu: ok ur wish.

Ishu and Aliya gets out.
Ishu: what is that idiotic person doing here.
Aliya: I think he is pihu industry owner.
Ishita: whatever he done is wrong. I am going out yaar. I am not going to be here. I cant see his face.
Aliya: maa I am also coming.
Mani: raman.
Raman: that is ishita na.
Mani: yes.
Raman:how come she is alive?
Mani explains him.

Raman: how dare u mani. U made my daughter motherless. How can u do that.
Mani: she doesn’t remember anything. she don’t know she was a dentist. She doesn’t know anything about anyone. Whatw ould have happen if I told her everything. She would have broken down raman. atleast she is happy unware of anything. I want my friend’s happiness.
Raman: but for ur friends happiness u took all our happiness. If u would have said em that day I would have taken care of her well. I don’t know how I am going to introduce myself to her. all of this si because of u mani.
Raman leaves angrily saying this.

Ishita and Aliya reaches red fort.
Ishita: we will do shopping.

Aliya: very nice idea.
Ishita and Aliya does shopping.
Pihu brings adi to the same place to make adi buy something for raman.
Pihu: adi bhaiya u see the dress I will be back.
Ishita was coming opposite to pihu.
pihu sees a chaat shop and runs to stop the shop from leaving that place. That times she bumps into ishita and pihu falls down.
Ishita: ouch. ishita helps pihu.
Pihu was shocked seeing ishita there.
Ishita was also shocked and remembers ruhi’s face and holds her head.
Aliya: mumma.
Pihu: amma.

Ishita: I have seen her before Aliya. Somewhere. I am not getting. I have seen her. her name is ru … ruhi.
Aliya: mom.
Ishita: what sur name beta?
Pihu: pihu.
Ishita: no u r ruhi. I am sure.
Pihu: aunty my name is pihu. I am not ruhi. Ruhi dhi is dead.
Ishita recalls everything.
Ishita: pihu whats ur full name.
Pihu: pihu bhalla.
Ishita cries.
Aliya consoles her.
Ishita: I couldn’t recognize my daughter. Why I am like this being useless.
Ishita: pihu.
Pihu: amma.
Ishita hugs pihu an dcries.
Dil kahin ruktha nahin plays……………


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  1. Wow nice

  2. jasmine Rahul

    ishra met.raman shocked that ishita cudnt recognize her.seeing pihu ishita got slught memory of ruhi n thot she was ruhi.then she identified pihu as her daughter n the hug was emotional.loved tere dil song on ishita pihu isita got her memory back?

  3. how cute……..tht was a mind blowing epi.I wish the story was like this

  4. Wow aki its brilliant dr………love ishruhu a lot………

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    Wowwww……It’s AWESOME…….

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    Vry interesting next part plzz

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