ishra a beautiful bond (episode 3)


Hi guys. Sorry for the late update.
Lets get into the story.

Raghav meets niddhi( ruhaan’s manager and mom)
They both sign the deal.
Raghav doesn’t knows niddhi.
Niddhi: ok mister raghav. I would be at delhi by may 27 and may 28 is the ad. Deal.
Raghav: deal.
They both shakes hand and leaves.

Niddhi goes to ruhaan.
Ruhaan was in loose hair.
Ruhaan: I hate everyone. I hate u ishima and papa.
Niddhi: ruhaan why r u with loose hair. Get ready. We have a concert today evening.
Ruhaan: mam. I am so tired.
Niddhi: want to get beatings from me. she takes a stick and beats ruhaan.
Ruhaan cries.
Ruhaan: mam I will go and get ready. Ruhaan goes into the room.
Ruhaan: because of u both I am suffering a lot. Why this is happening to me?
Ruhaan washes his face.

Mani and ishita.
Mani: ishita we r going Australia tonight.
Ishita: this much early. Ad is only at may 28 right.
Mani: we need to make arrangements na. so Aliya and ishu get ready.
Ishita: ok sir.
Ishita and Aliya packs their bags. The trio board the flight.
Ishita talks to herself.
Why I am feeling excited to go to delhi. Is something over there. I don’t remember anything. I feel like that I am going to get something which I left. Why I am feelingliek this?

At delhi.
I want to make it clear that mani does not know about pihu company owner is raman. he thinks it is someone and while there is a phone conversation mani speaks with raman’s pa anitha. Romi and mihir are the ceo of their company.

Raman at his home.
Raman: I have a surprise for u.
Pihu: what papa.
Raman: for our company ruhaan is doing the ad so he s coming to delhi an dworking for us.
Pihu: really then can I meet him?
Raman: of course . u can.
Pihu: u r the best papa in the world. Iam so happy papa. U itself r taking care of me both like amma and appa.
Raman smiles.
Raman: ur amma if she was here. she would have taken care of me more than me. she is the best mom.
Pihu: but I didn’t have a chance to stay with her.
Raman: even I am unlucky . I am only the one who killed them both. If I didn’t shout at her and shared our pain together she would have been alive. I killed ruhi. My selfishness is the reason.
Pihu: papa leave it na. everything will get fine.
Raman: but pihu because of me only u lost ur mother. I am unable to give u a mother. U lost ur sister also.
Raman cries.
Pihu wipes his tears.
Pihu: if ruhi dhi was alive she would have done this. u tell me that I am like ruhi dhi right. my behavior will also be like her only. Now don’t cry.
Raman: adi also hates me. he stopped talking to me.
Pihu: papa. I promise everything will be fine. u nad romi chachu go to office now. Leave.
Raman smiles and goes.
Pihu goes to adi.
Adi: what pihu.
Pihu: adi bhayya talk to papa na. he is very hurt. Please don’t give him more pain.
Adi: pihu. I cant pihu.
Pihu: for me u do it.thats it. U will talk to papa when he comes home back or else that’s it.
Adi: ok pihu.
Pihu: ok bye. I should go to school.
Pihu leaves.

Amma goes to bhalla house.
Mrs bhalla: welcome .
Amma: I have brought dosa for adi and pihu.
Mrs bhalla: achha give it to me.
Amma and mrs bhalla have a normal talk.
Amma: vandu ,bala,shrawan and shitija are coming from US .
Mrs bhalla: really.
Amma: yes in 5 days.
Mrs bhalla: wow superb.
Amma: mihika is very fine with mihir. (guys mihir and mihika got married, romi and sarika married again as sarika realized her mistake.)
So amma and appa only lives in the iyer house.
Rest all at bhalla house.

Ishita , mani and Aliya reaches delhi and they r staying at mani house.


Credit to: akshaya

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    Ishita is excited 2 cum back 2 delhi tho she doesnt remember anything.Raman is so guilty that bcz of him ishita n ruhi r lost.Will pihu b able 2 unite Raman n adi?How will b ishra meeting as ishita has memory loss?Sarika turned positive n is with Romi n mihika married Mihir.What happened 2 Abhishek?

  2. great akshu , atleast here raman does not hate ishita and is guilty , ur ff is wonderful , post next episode soon akshaya .

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow……Its AWESOME……????

  4. wow akshaya. waiting 4 ur next epi

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