ishra a beautiful bond (episode 2)

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At Australia.
Ishu: mani,Aliya breakfast ready.
Mani and Aliya comes down. They trio sit in the dinning table
Ishu: mani what about the pihu industries. They r coming here right for signing contract.
Mani: yes. I don’t know who is md. But ok. they r coming here to sign the contract but its plan will be executed in india. So we 3 are going to india In a few days.
Ishu: sure I don’t have any problem. will u answer my question. Please tell me about my family.
Mani: ishu I told u not about that na. u will be worried and think about ishu. Don’t ever ask this question.
Ishu: ok mani boss
Aliya: amma, today evening I am appointed as ruhan’s assistant.
Ishu: oh that rockstar.

Aliya: yes ma. Today I am going to his concert. I will introduce him and u.
Ishu: I don’t need anything. u go.
Aliya: amma. Ok.
Ishita: mani catch u in office. We should meet pihu industries owner na. I will go early and make ready the files. U be there by 10 am.
Mani: ok ishu bye.
Ishita takes her car and leaves.

On the road.
Ishita was driving the car.
she puts a sudden break as someone was crossing the road.
Ishita gets out of the car.
Ishita: cant u see while crossing the door. Please be careful while crossing the door.
The guys turns. It was our ruhaan.
Ruhaan gets shocked seeing ishita.
Ishita: ruhaan.
Ruhaan had tears seeing ishita.
Ishita: please do carefully cross the door.
Ishita leaves in her car.
Ruhaan cries.
Ruhaan: u betrayed me ishima. How can u give me to niddhi. I hate u ishima. I hate u to the core. but was is she doing in Australia?
Ruhaan thinks to find about her and leaves in his car.

Ishita is thinking about ruhaan.
Ishita: why do I feel that I know ruhaan very well. am I connected to ruhaan in anyway.
Ishita reaches the office.
Ishita prepares the conference hall.
Ishita: so all be prepared. No mistake should happen.
All: ok mam.
She readys the paper.
She was waiting for mani but he didn’t arrive.
Mani arrived and said the news.
Mani: ishu they r asking that we will sign the contract when we go to delhi .
Ishita: ok fine.
Mani: we need a famous personality to advertise our product.
Ishita: we will ask ruhaan na. he is very good rockstar..
Mani: wow ishu u have so many ideas great.
Ishita: thank u.
Mani: I will speak to his manager and inform.
Ishita: ok.

In delhi.
A girl was hearing ruhaan’s music loud in her room and dancing.
A boy whose age was 21 comes to her room.
Adi: ahre pihu stop it aar. How much time will u hear this music.
Pihu offs the music.
Pihu: I am a very very big fan of rhaan adi bhaya.
Adi: that is ok but this much madness is not good pihu.
Pihu: all is fare in madness bhayya. If u want u can also hear like me.
Adi: no madam. I will also get crazy like u..i am going ma.
Adi leaves the room.
Adi thinks of ishima.

Adi: ishima I miss u so much. why did u do sucide.
Adi had tears in his eyes.

At pihu industries.
Raman: thank god they accepted to sign their contract here.
Mihir: bur raman we need a star to act na.
Raman: ha raghav informed that there is ruhaan rockstar.
Mihir: very good. Ask raghav to sign a contract for this ad.
Raman: everything I told him and shooting will be in delhi.
Mihr: that is so cool raman.
Raman: I am feeling very bad for pihu. I showed her ishita’s pic and told that she reached god.
Raman has tears.
Raman: it is my fault mihir. I shouldn’t have spoken that words to her. she might also have the mindset of loosing ruhi na. I am a murderer mihir,
Mihir: raman. Everything will be fine.
Raman: ok why should I worry for her. she left me without thinking about me ,pihu adi. I don’t care about her.
Mihir: ok raman. Cool down. Come we will leave to home.
Mihir and raman leaves to home.


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