ishra a beautiful bond (episode 1)

hi guys . I am really fed up with the current yhm. Latest spoler is raman going to marry shagun. I am fed up with this yhm. so i am going to start a new ff after ruhi’s death. so please comment guys

After ruhi’s death.
Raman: ishita get out of this house. u don’t have any rights over here. u r a very bad mother. U r a very selfish person. U r a bad sin to my life. Get put of my house. I told u not to bring Abhishek.
Ishita breaks down and goes out of the house.
She drives her car to the same place and jumps.

She is saved by mani.
Ishita: why did u save me mani. I don’t want o live. I am going to die.
Saying this ishita goes towards the road were a lorry was coming towards her. mani pushes ishita on the other side and he to escapes from the lorry with little injuries.
But when mani pushed ishita her head got banged to a rock.
Her head was bleeding.
Seeing this mani admitted her to the hospital.
Doctor adviced mani to take Australia for her treatment.

Mani took ishita to Australia and did treatment.
But unfortunately she lost her memory.
She woke up.
Ishita: who am i.
Mani: u r ishita. I am ur best friend ishu.
ishita: who is she?
Mani: she is Aliya . my sister’s daughter.
Ishita: where am i?

Mani: ausstralia.
Ishita: don’t I have a family?
Mani: ishu u r husband scolded u and u did sucide unable to bear his words. I saved u. ut again u wanted to die but I pushed u from hitting the lorry but u hit ur head in rock.
Ishita: oh.
Mani: is it paining ishu.
Ishita: yes mani.
Aliya: can I call u amma?
Ishita: sure. Mani do I have any childrens?

Mani: no. mani lies to ishita as she can atleast be relaxed and happy. He decides to tell her after few days.
Ishita gets discharged.

a leap of 7 years.
This 7 year mani ,ishu and aliya was living in Australia.

Raman and romi doesnt have any differences in my story and all of them live in the same house. iyers and bhallas doesn’t fight and are supporting each other.
Shagun was looking after pihu and adi. She is married to manoj. She have a son named akshat. Manoj and shagun lives with the bhallas only.
Ashok is happy as raman once again lost all his things in his life.

Raman was once again a stone . he was very rude. Raman and romi are managing the company.

Ruhi is alive. She is a rockstar named ruhaan. Niddhi gives a lot of tortures to ruhaan. She beats him daily. Ruhi is very angry about her parents.

precap: ruhaan sees ishita in road

Credit to: akshaya


  1. jasmine Rahul

    after her suicide attempt ishita lost her memory.oh..she doesnt even remember her kids.sad

  2. ude

    Hey aki u started a another ff………….
    Wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww its awesome dr……………eagerly waiting for the next part…………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.