Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Maha Episode 6 & 7)


Maha Episode6&7:

Eid Mubarak to all my readers……
I hope u guys ll like this maha party episode…..
Here goes the episode….

All get ready to go to the party.

Khushi was wearing red lehnga. Payal was wearing golden and brown lehnga.

Ishu was wearing a white and violet saree. Arnav was wearing a black suit. Akhi was wearing a white suit.

Raman was wearing a blue suit. Mihir was wearing a brown suit.

All the boys r looking hot and dashing….. All the girls were looking cute and pretty…….????

At first Ishu and Arnav enter the party hand in hand.
Followed by Payal and Akash.
Later on came Raman came, followed by Khushi and Mihir hand in hand.

Khushi:Mihir sir, y is Raman sir giving a staring look always.

Mihir:It’s better for u, if u keep this question with me, cause if he comes to know about this, then u ll be screwed.?

Khushi:Is it any personal issue sir….????

Mihir:Aisa hi kuch samj lena….!

Everyone is wearing a mask so no one could recognise anyone.

Asr:Dhi, y r u so isolating urself. Try to mingle urself….!

Ishu:I don’t know Arnu. It looks like everyone is staring at me.?

Akhi: Dhi, how is it possible, everyone is wearing a mask….

Payal:Sir stop ur joking. Ishu dhi, don’t worry, just go and talk with someone, it’s like introducing urself on the first day of school.

Ishu:Maybe ur right Payal. But I don’t y….. I don’t feel good…?

Payal:It’s okay dhi, my sis has also come here do u want to talk with her….

Ishu:U have a sister…. Come v shall meet her.

Ishu and Payal go to meet Khushi, who is talking with someone….

Payal:Khushi, come here for a minute….

Khushi: Jiji…. she must be Ishu dhi right….?

Ishu:U know me, oh Payal must have told about me.

They have a nice chat with each other and got to know many other ppl over there.

Host:My dear guest, pls listen to me. Thank u for accepting my request and giving ur presence in this party…..
I think this party is kind of boring, so shall v make it interesting. Now v shall have couple dance in which all couples should be exchanged when the music changes.????

So know all r dancing. Raman is dancing with Khushi, Mihir with Payal Arnav with Ishu, and Akhi with someone.

Aisi Kya
Chali Hawa
Ke Le Gayi
Meri Sanson Ko Mujhse Door
Tere Paas
Aur Mujhe Hua Eshaas
Tu Tu Tu
Tu Meri Ri Ri
Mein Tera Ra Hone Laga
Mein Mein Mein
Mein Tera Raa Raa
Tu Meri Ri Hone Lagi
Kaise Yeh
Hua Magar
Naa Hai Mujhe
Naa Tujhko Koi Khabar
Par Yeh Dil
Ab Se Hai Kehne Lagaa
Tu Tu Tu
Tu Meri Ri Ri
Mein Tera Ra Hone Laga
Mein Mein Mein
Mein Tera Raa Raa
Tu Meri Ri Hone Lagi

The song get changed and now the partners get exchanged.
Raman with Ishu, Arnav with Khushi, Akash with Payal and Mihir with someone.

Janam janam janam sath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahi
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho juda
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri subah ho tumhi
Aur tumhi sham ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
Meri duaon se aati hai bas yeh sada
Meri ho ke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Raman and Ishu, Arnav and Khushi, Akash and Payal get lost in each other’s eyes.

Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri…
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

Aankhon mein teri…
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri…
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

No one knows, with whom they r dancing with. But all dance so romantically…..,except Akhi who knew that he was dancing with Payal.

The song stops but all r still watching each other’s eyes. They come back to sense with others clapping sound.

They all take a step back and go somewhere to divert their mind.

Raman goes out to the garden…..he is having tears at the edge of his eyes remembering someone…..he is talking to himself…..

Raman:Y did I have such wiered feelings while dancing with her, who was she.(crys)???
Y did u leave me, u made my life a living hell. I am not behaving properly with anyone, cause it was u who made me a human being.

He gets a phone call. ?

Asr is going to talk with his business colleague, when he dashes with Khushi…..

Khushi:Dehkar nahi chal sakthe kya, bagvan ne apko ahkein di hain dehkne ke liye…..(can’t u c and walk, God has given u eyes to c)

Asr:Ho hello, mind ur language haan. Ur talking to ASR.

Khushi(to herself):Oh DM, it’s the same guy v met yesterday…? I should not make him know that it’s me…..wat to do….

Asr:Oh hello, r u here, have ur ears gone out of use…??

Khushi:First u say sry, cause u were not walking properly.

Asr:Y should I say first, I am the ASR, u know Arnav Singh Raizadha. I ll not say sry first, u say cause u also did not walk properly.

Khushi(to herself):Oh DM, he is my jiji’s boss, wat have done….

Khushi:Okay I am sry, now happy…

Asr:That’s better….??

Raman takes the phone call, a girl is talking to him.

Raman:Hello, how r u and how is choti shaitaan….!☺(hiding his tears)

Girl:Kya hau, aap kyu ithna pareshan hain. Kuch hua kya.(Wat happened, y r u tensed. Did anything happen)

Raman:U first tell me, y u phoned me know…?

Girl:V r coming tmrw there….

Raman:Wow, both of u r coming…I ll send Mihir to the airport mrng.?

Girl:Did u meet anyone from their family….?

Raman:No not yet, I think they r still in Mumbai….

Girl:Okay fine, it’s better if v don’t meet them….??

Raman:Y r u talking about that past….just think about the present.

Girl:Okay be ready v ll be there tmrw mrng….

Raman:Okay then, c u tmrw….

Asr goes in anger to his car, and starts to blabber something in anger..

Raman is still thinking about wat happened inside, when Mihir comes to him

Mihir:Bhai, wat happened y r u tensed…..?

Raman:I don’t know yar, today I am getting this weired feelings about my past….

Mihir:How is it possible, till now nothing happened, y suddenly these things…..

Raman:Okay leave that, tmrw u have 2 go 2 the airport…..

Mihir:Okay bhai….

Raman:Don’t be like this yar, atleast ask y am I sending u there….?

Mihir:It’s okay bhai, u said na I ll go…..

Raman:Okay shall v leave now….

Mihir:Okay bhai, I ll go and call Khushi….

Mihir goes to call Khushi who is talking with Payal. After that Raman, Mihir and Khushi leave from the party.

Akash, Ishu and Payal come to the car, where they see angry Arnav….

Ishu:OMG, Arnu is in a bad mood, Akhi pls don’t let him drive the car. U know wat ll happen if he drives….??

Akhi:Okay dhi I ll try, u know that it is really difficult to bring his mood to normal mode…

Payal:I dont know wat u both r talking about….

Ishu:U ll never know, when the ASR gets angry, the person travelling with him while he is driving is dead, do u want a demo…

Payal:No dhi, never….???

They go to Arnav.

Asr:Akhi give the keys I ll drive….?

Ishu(to herself):God pls save us…!?

Akhi:No bhai, I ll drive. U look so tired so u take rest.

Asr:OK fine do watever u want….

Akhi(to himself):Wow bhai maan gaye(Wow bro accepted)

The all leave from the party. Ishu and Payal r in the back seat, Akhi is driving and Arnav beside him….

Ishu:Now tell me Arnu who made u angry…

Asr:Don’t ask about that dhi, some stupid girl….

Ishu:Don’t tell me u saw the girl whom u saw yesterday….

Asr:Even I have the same doubt dhi….?

At that time Akash adjusted the rear view mirror to Payal who was seeing outside. This was noticed by Ishu.

Ishu:Akhi gadi aage dehkar chalathe hain….(Akhi look forward and drive the car)?

Akhi:Y dhi I am driving properly nly na…

Ishu:Ya ya, u r driving absolutely perfect, I am saying that u should keep ur eyes straight and not the back.????

Akhi:Wat dhi I didn’t understand….

Ishu:I said don’t listen 2 r convo, u concentrate on driving. Hahahaha…

They all reach their house…..
But everyone is still thinking about the dance that took place in the party……
They all have mixed feelings in their heart….

Akash:I don’t know wat has happened to me, y do I feel like this for Payal…..(he smiles), all go to sleep.??

Precap:Who r the new characters, ll they reveal the past or ll they bring new twist…..wait for next update.

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  1. Nice episode. Waiting for the next. Eager to know about the past of raman and ishq!Please reveal it soon

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      Thx Rajii, the past ll be reaveled after episode 10, I hope it’s okay for u guys….

  2. Superb yaar soo nice

    1. JeanelleRox

      Thank u Yashu, I am happy u liked it…..

  3. Arshi

    Superbbbbbb… i m super excited for the next epi yaar

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      I am very much happy that u liked it, it’s a dream come true…..

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