Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 9)



Hii guys, I hope u ll support this new character….
Sad news guys I may be irregular in posting my ff cause I have to present a project in my clg……
So I ll be preparing for it so kindly forgive me……
But I ll try my level best…..

Raman:Pragya u have gone mad being with this Shagu…..

Shagun makes pout face…..

All r laughing and r having a group hug has in the pic….????

Guys I know, this ff is about Ishra and Arshi but Pragya is my favourite character, so I could not resist myself from adding her in my ff. If u didn’t like her addition in this ff do comment…..

Shagun Arora-:Elder sister of Mihir Arora, Best friend of Raman. All the four stayed in Australia for sometime, when Raman and Mihir returned on business purpose. But Pragya and Shagun stayed their to study.

Pragya Bhalla-:Younger sister of Raman. Very naughty and mischievous girl. Raman is still happy and has forgot about the past for some extent only because of her.

Pragya:Bhai, aap ne apni behn ko miss kiya kya.(Bro, did u miss ur sis)

Raman:Haan, meri ma bauth miss kiya tha…..(S, my mother missed u alot)?

Mihir:Bhai, hamari choti badi hogayi na….(Bro, our sis has grown up)?

Raman:Haan, ithni badi hogayi ki, apne bhai ko bhi rula degi….(S, this much big, that she is making me cry)???

Pragya:Okay, how was my surprise…. I did alot of preparation for this, that to within short period of time.??

Shagun:That’s y she made us distract u for a long time….

Raman:So, all of u planned this together….!?

Pragya:Ahh, Shagu dhi, all work done by me, and u both r getting the name….????

Mihir:Hello miss attention seeker, no one is taking ur name. And ll u ever share the name and fame with anyone…..!?

Pragya:Vo tho sahi hain bhai….(That’s crt bhai)?

Raman:Pragya, leave that, where is our gifts……

Pragya:OOops…!Sry bhai I forgot to buy gifts for both of u while returning….????

Mihir:Aacha, hum dono yahan teri inthazar kar rahe aur tumne hamare liye kuch nahi laya….(Okay, v 2 r waiting for u here and U didn’t bring anything for us)?

Raman:Leave it yaar Mihir, she does not care for us or loves us….?

Pragya:Oohh…! Meri dono acting ki dukan,(My two acting stores) don’t do over acting, I bought gifts for both of u.????

Shagun:For God sake, Plzz all of u stop ur acting. I am very hungry after the long travel. It has been a long time since I ate home made food.??

Raman:Ohh I totally forgot, all ur favourite dishes r ready….?

Pragya:Bhai, u should have told about this at first. I would have not done all this surprise, and would have gone to the kitchen after entering.????

Raman:Soo… U love food more than ur big bro….!?

Pragya:Wat kind of silly question is this…,
If anyone asks me to choose between u and food than
Of course…
I ll choose…..

Raman makes pout face.???

Raman:Wat u have no love for me…

Pragya:Bhai, let me complete the sentence….
I ll prefer…
Food fed by my bro…

Raman smiles and hugs Pragya.?

Then all go to the dining table to have food.

Raman feeds food to Pragya, Mihir, Shagun. And all feed Raman.

All r having an emotional and happy time. But missing some ppl from the past which causes tears in each one’s eyes…..???

Pragya:Bhai, I can’t take it any more. My stomach is full. Pls stop it, I can’t eat any more.

Raman:Stop it u should not talk, only eat. C how lean u have become, now close it mouth and eat properly.

Pragya:Did u c anyone from their family……

Raman becomes sad. ??

Mihir:No Pragya, not yet. I think they r in Mumbai still.

Pragya:But yaar called me yesterday, he said that they r in Delhi…..

Precap:Ishra meeting……

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  1. Syperb… even i lIke shriti ja… if u could give her a super pair… if its abhi then it will be superb… or else… pair her with her real partner harshad…

    1. JeanelleRox

      Thx dhi, I ll surely pair her with Abhi only…….so don’t worry…..

    2. JeanelleRox

      Thx dhi, I ll surely pair her with Abhi……so wait for it….

  2. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Add abhigya bro the story too plZ block yr ff. But try to post at least every other day if u can

    1. Silent reader 33 Kristy

      I meant love yr ff instead of Block

    2. JeanelleRox

      I ll try my level best……this problem is only till Friday….

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    Awesome……Add Abhigya

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