Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 8)



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Here goes the episode…..

The next day, Mihir goes to airport. There he sees two ppl which brings a smile on his face.

Mihir:Aap yahan, I didn’t know that u were coming…??

Girl1:Y, don’t tell that Raman didn’t tell u…?

Mihir:Not like that, he was about to tell but I didn’t listen to him.

Girl1:And without knowing y u r sent here u came, just like that….?

Mihir:S wat can I do he is my bro and I have full faith in him….

Girl1:Ooff, wats the use I know about u and him very well.????

Mihir: Now leave that, has my choti shaitaan arrived or not….?

Girl2:U…pls stop calling me by that name….!!!????

Mihir:Okay meri maa, ab chale ghar, bhai aap dono ka inthazaar kar rahe hain….(Okay my mother, shall v go home now, bro is waiting for u 2 there…)??

They all leave from there to Raman’s house in the car.

In Bhalla Mansion,
Raman is waiting for his two special guest….

Raman:Kaka, aapne vo sab khanna bana diya na jo maine aapko banane ke liye kaha that na. Khoi gadbad nahi honi chahiye……(Kaka, u did all the dishes which I told u to do. Nothing should go wrong)

Kaka:Ji…sab kuch aapke hisab se ho gaya hain bass khanna bakhi hain…..(S….all has been done according to ur wish only eating is left)

Raman is very much tensed….

Raman(to himself):Why they r taking this much time to reach here.?

Girl1:Hum aa gaye…(v r here)

Raman:Thank God u reached. How was the journey….

Girl1:All good, v both had a good time there. And ur natkat choti ko tho sambalna naa mumkin hotha ja raha hain(And it is becoming impossible to control ur small mischief)????

Raman:By the where is my choti shaitaan….

Mihir:Bhai, aab thak usse sambal kar that chuka hoon, aap hi ussi ke liye sahi hain(Bro, I am tired controlling her till now, u r nly crt for her)

Raman:Abbey Chup kar, pehle tho tumne in dono ko jaldi nahi lekar aaya, upar se meri uski mazask udaa rahe ho….(Idiot shut up, first of all u didn’t bring these 2 early here, secondly ur making fun of her)

Mihir:C…..shagun dhi, c how he his torturing me….. Mein ek abla Mara hoon mujhe koi tho bachha yega.(I am an innocent man someone save me)

The girl1 is Shagun….

Shagun:Ohh really, u an innocent man u must be joking….

Raman is laughing loudly….??
Mihir makes pout face….??

Raman:Okay sry, by the way where is the VIP for whom v r waiting for.

The girl2 jumps from Raman’s back…


Raman jerks and turns to c back but no one is there.

Raman then runs to go to his room, but he finds…..
A note “U r my Father,.who made me take my first steps into this world ”

Raman become a little emotional and he is thinking of the past?

*****FB starts*****

A small girl is seen walking, she is about to fall but a Raman’s hand come to hold her and they walk together.

*****FB ends*****

Raman then moves to the hall…..

Raman:Where is she….?

Both Shagun and Mihir nod in negative….?

But Raman sees a note on the sofa….
“U fulfilled all my wishes till now even if they were impossible. ”

*****FB starts*****

A small girl is shouting to ride on a horse and crying, but Raman comes and wipes her tears and bends down to become a horse and makes her sit on his back. The girl smiles and seeing her smile Raman also smiles.

*****FB ends*****

Raman smiles thinking of the happy past.?

He then goes to the guest room……

Raman:Pls come out I want to see u know….(crying and smiling)

He sees a note stuck on the cupboard……
“U r my best friend and guide who supports me even if I am wrong”

*****FB starts*****

A small girl and Raman r making mischief, playing pranks on Shagun and Mihir. Both Raman and the Girl r doing an hi-fi.

*****FB ends*****

Raman again laughs thinking about the pranks the did.??
Raman come to the hall again.

Raman:Plzzzz. Come out from where ever u r hiding. I really want to c u…..(tears fall from his eyes)??

Both Shagun and Mihir r having a smile and tear thinking about them.

Raman sees a note on the TV….
“If u really want to see me do come to ur room….!”

Raman runs to his room on the first floor, followed by both Mihir and Shagun.

The room is fully dark…..
Suddenly a spot light is projected on a wall….
It had all the pics about which she wrote in the note she kept.

Raman, Mihir and Shagun have smile on their face thinking about the great fulfilled times the spent together.??

Then another spot light is focused on another side of the wall which has some emotional pics from the past which cause a tear in everyone’s eyes.??

Quickly the spot light is focused on another wall which has a huge pic of they having a group hug.

Mihir followed by Raman followed the girl followed by Shagun.?


Precap:Will the arrival of these two cause a huge change in these ppls lives……

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