Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 64)



Hii guys here goes todays episode………

Bhalla Mansion……….

Ishu gets up and goes to the kitchen.

Her phone rings….

Ishu:Hello who is this?????

Voice:Wat Ishu u forgot me!!!!

Ishu:Sry yaar, forgot to store ur number……that’s y asked this question, so don’t mistake me.

Voice:So now that u remember me, I want u to meet me at our favourite coffee shop.

Ishu:Done deal……..!!!!!

She cuts the call.

Shagun:Ishu darling, who was it???

Ishu:My clg friend.

Shagun was dumbstruck at her words.

Shagun(to herself):OMG who is this person. Wat if this person tells something to Ishu about Raman, then v ll get into trouble.

She runs to Pragya’s room.

Shagun:Wake up Pragya, wake up….????

Pragya:Dhi five more minutes, pls haan……

Shagun: Get up idiot, v have a problem????

Pragya wakes up from bed……..

Pragya:Wat is it Shagu dhi, tell me now…….????

Shagun:Ishu is going to meet someone!!!!

Pragya:So wats the big deal in that Shagu dhi¡¡¡¡

Shagun: She is going to meet her clg friend.

Pragya:Then v have big problem, if that person tells about us and Bhai then v r doomed……!!!!!

Shagun:Think something idiot!!!!

They both start thinking…..

Ishu:Shagu I am leaving dear, byeeee!!!!!!

Pragya:Shagu dhi, don’t let Ishu dhi go out, tell her to meet her friend here…….

Shagun:But y…….this ll also bring trouble right.

Pragya:Just go and tell this to her, do it fast!!!!!

Shagun comes running down.

Shagun:Ishu darling wait!!!!

Ishu:Wat happened Shagun, y r u running……

Shagun:Y don’t u call ur friend here, instead of meeting her there?????

Ishu:Not a bad idea, but if I say her to come to my house she may go to Raizadha House, so I ll go and bring her here.

Shagun doesn’t know wat go tell her.

Shagun:Okay go and bring her soon.

Ishu leaves, Shagun comes to the hall.

Pragya comes running down.

Pragya:Shagu dhi wat happened, where is Ishu dhi????

Shagun:She has gone to bring that person over here, cause that person doesn’t know this address!!!!!

Pragya:Wat if Ishu dhi tells about her marriage to that person on way, this may also cause trouble to us!!!!

Shagun:Who shall it be, cause v were her close friends, and v also know her other friends to, but who is it……

Pragya:Wat ever it is, if that person doesn’t know about Ishu dhi’s memory loss then v r doomed.

They both r waiting for the person to arrive.

Ishu on the other side reaches the coffee shop.

Girl:How r u dear, long time no see, busy haan!!!!

Ishu:Not like that just went out of station, so tell me y did u call me.

Girl:Y to take that topic so soon, v shall talk for some time.

Ishu:Then y don’t v go to my place and talk.

Girl:Grt than I ll also meet Akhi and Arnav, at Raizadha House.

Ishu:V r not going to Raizadha House, but…..

Girl:Then where?????

Ishu: Come with me I ll show u……

Ishu take her to Bhalla Mansion ii n her car……

Girl:Bhalla Mansion….. Y here dear????

Ishu:This is my house, I got married.

Girl:Wat u didn’t even call me, I hate u…..!!!

Shagun and Pragya r trying to see from the window as to who could it be!!!!!

Ishu:It happened all of a sudden dear, pls understand my situation……

Girl:Okay okay don’t keep that puppy dog face, come let’s ur new family.

The girls is thinking about something.

Both Shagun and Pragya come running down to meet that person.

Ishu:Come in Shalinii, come……!

Shagya:Shalu dear, here…..????

(Guys I hope u all remember her)

Shalinii(to herself):Shagun and Pragya r here,then my doubt was right, Ishu got married to Raman.

Ishu:Shalinii this is Shagun nd Pragya.

Shalinii:Hello Shagun and Pragya!!!!

Shagya were happy that Shalinii didn’t show that she knows them.

Ishu:U all chat for a while I ll bring snacks for u all.

Ishu goes to the kitchen.

Shagun goes and hugs Shalinii,

Shagun: How r u Shalinii, it’s been along time since v met!!!!

Shalinii:But how come Ishu get married with Raman.

Pragya:That’s a long story dhi.

Shalinii:Don’t wry I know about Ishu’s memory loss, I felt really bad for her.

Shagun:Then how come she know about u.

Shalinii:Shagun did u forget that I was also her school friend… Arnav told about me to her and v have already met each other.

Pragya:That’s grt dhi, atleast she has accepted one of her past friends.

Shalinii:Wat r u saying????

Shagun:S Shalinii she does not remember us, and Arnav doesn’t wat us to tell her about us, cause u know after that night only she lost her memory right!!!!!!

Shalinii:How could I forget that night, I should not have called Raman there, because of me only all this happened right. But how come they both got married.

Pragya:It’s all happened for their good only, and by the y did u want to meet Ishu dhi.

Shalinii:Wait let Ishu also come……

Just then Ishu comes…..

Ishu:Tell me Shalinii y did u come here?????

Shalinii: I came here to invite u to my wedding!!!!

Ishu:Ur wedding, u must be joking right.

Shalinii:Y should I be joking yaar, I am really getting married.

Shagun:That’s grt, so who is the groom.

Shalinii:Y all have to wait for this dear…..

Pragya:Wat dhi, y to wait for that dhi!!!!!!

Shalinii:I mean. Wait for it till my wedding.

They all have a talk.

Shalinii:So guys I ll leave now, its getting late.

Pragya:Stay for some more time dhi, pls……

Shalinii:No yaar, understand pls na…..I have to meet my fiancee.

Ishu:Ohhhh okay, u go v won’t make u stay……

Shagun:So now go and talk with ur would be husband.

Shalinii:Don’t forget u all should come before a week okay.

Shalinii leaves from there.

While she goes in car…….

Shalinii gets a phone call.

Shalinii:Dear I did very big mistake in my life.

Voice:Darling u r u crying tell me wat happened.

Shalinii:I already told u na, that Ishu had memory loss……

Voice:Yaa, now wat for that……..u went to invite her right?????

Shalinii tells him something…….

Voice:Don’t wry darling v shall solve everything…….u don’t wry when I come v shall solve all the problem. Now stop crying, pls smile.

Shalinii smiles a little.

Voice:Ohhh intna khunjoosi, thoda aur smile tho karo…….(Ohhh this much khunjoosi, smile a little more yaar)

Shalinii laughs…..

Voice:That’s like my girl. Okay now I ll leave v shall meet soon. Okay darling.

Shalinii thinks of something and reaches her house.

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  1. Episode was very interesting…..waiting for next one…..

  2. Akshata

    awesome, loved ragsan

    1. Akshata

      sorry i have written ragsan instead of Ishra. you know after ishra, ragsan is my fav couple.

  3. nice epi akka,eagerly waiting 4 nxt one

  4. Superb episode

  5. Kumud

    interesting episode

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