Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 5)



I hope ur not feeling bored with such episode’s and wat I thought ll be funny…..
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Here goes the episode….

Khushi reaches home, to tell the happy news to everyone.

Khushi: jiji mujhe naukri mil gayi.(sis I got the job)?

Payal:Good, now v both ll work and bring r family 2 stable position.

Garima: Meri dono betiyan kithni samjadar ho gaye na jiji….(my 2 daughters have become big)

Bua: Haan, mujhe nahi patha tha ki tum hari khushi ithne jaldi back ho jaye gi, mathlab Payal ke bare me meri koi shikayath nahi hain par, Khushi….(s, I didn’t know that khushi ll grow up soon, I meant I have no complaints on Payal, but khushi…..)???

Khushi:Ho,meri darling, main kaha se badal gayi….(ho, my darling, when did I change)???

Bua:Ye nahi sudregi.(she ll not change)????

Asr also reaches home angrily and shouts at all the servants.

Asr:All of u just leave. Don’t disturb me…?????

Ishu:Today wat happened Arnu, who made u this much mad.

Asr:A foolish girl dhi. Doesn’t have any sense.????

He tells her wat happened, about his meeting with Khushi,her acting…
Ishu laughs….

Ishu:That girl is just amazing….hahahaha…????

Asr:Dhi, u also r making fun of me….?

Ishu:Not like that, who has the guts 2 make u a fool and have eye to eye contact and talk with u.????

Asr:I don’t want to meet that girl again in my life.?

Ishu:I think u ll surely meet her very soon…..hahahaha…..????

They both leave from there. Akhi enter the dining hall….

Akhi:Bhai, kal ki party mein ja rahe na….(bro, r v going 2 tmrw’s party)

Asr:Ya sure, it ll be very useful to r company….dhi aap bi aa rahe na… (dhi u r also coming right)

Ishu:Don’t know Arnu, I don’t know any one over there, so it’s better I don’t come.?

Akhi:Don’t worry dhi, no one ll recognise u, cause it’s theme party. And the theme is party, where u ll wearing a face mask.

Asr:Yaa dhi, u r coming, then only u ll get 2 know everyone. It ll be useful when u join r company.

Ishu:Okay, if u both r saying this much then I ll try to come…..?

They have their dinner and sleep. The next day Raman is seen talking to Mihir and at that time Khushi enter’s their cabin.

Raman:Can’t u knock and come, and y r u late on ur first day…??

Khushi:Sry sir, had to go to the temple….?

Mihir:Leave it bhai, it’s not that much late, leave her….

Raman:Do watever u want….? Today evening v have a party, v have to go, so u ll be coming.

Khushi:Even I should come…. But y me….?

Mihir:U should come, then only u ll get to know about the ppl in r business line.

Khushi:If u say so, I ll come…..

Raman:Don’t worry, v both ll take care about ur safety and v ll pick and drop u from ur house…..

Mihir:Do msg me ur address, v ll pick u sharp at 6:30….

In Asr’s company…..

Asr:Do u think, taking dhi to the party ll be dangerous…..?

Akhi:Nooo bhai…! But when v take her out only v could get a soln to r problem.

Asr:Do u think, that person ll also come there….?

Akhi:Nooo chance bhai. He left India a long time back…..

Payal comes in their cabin. Payal is working in Asr’s company has his and Akhi’s PA.

Payal:Sir, today at 7 u both have to go to a party, right….!

Akhi:Not v both, v three.?

Payal was shocked. She was dumbstruck.?

Payal:No sir, I can’t come there.

Asr:No u should come. Ur r greatest employee. When u come only u ll get to know everyone in r industry.?

Payal:Okay, I ll come….

Akhi:Don’t worry v ll pick and drop u at ur house.

Payal:Thank u sir. I am very happy that u thought that I am this much worthy.

Asr:Ur deserve this, u did a grt job in the recent months of ur joining.

Khushi and Payal come home to get ready.

Khushi:Aaj main ek party main ja rahi hoon ma, tho rath ka kana nahi chahiye mujhe.

Payal:Main bbi, party main ja rahi hoon. Tho hum dono ek hi party main ja rahe kya…

Khushi:Wow, then v both ll go together. It ll be grt.?

Payal:No I can’t come. My boss r coming to pick me. So I can’t come.?

Khushi:Same here jiji, okay then v both ll meet at the party.?

Now all r ready to leave to the party.

Precap:Party time……
Romance and Fight……

Sry guys for the same precap.

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  4. Did ishu and raman has any past ???eagerly waiting…..

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      Do wait, to know about their both’s past life…..

  5. What’s ishu past??? that person in ishu life?

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