Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 4)


Hii guys good morning….. I hope u liked my ff till now.
Here goes the episode.

Arnav is coming home in his car, when suddenly a girl driving a bike comes and hits with the car and falls down.?

Arnav gets down from his car, and sees that the girl is unconscious. Arnav goes next 2 the girl and tries 2 wake her up.

Arnav:Wat happened, wat have I done. Hey hello miss pls open ur eyes….!?

The girl opens her eyes and at first sees a blurred image and finds herself in asr’s arms. They both share a romantic eye lock….

Tujhe dekha tho ye jana sanam…
Pyar hotha hai deewana sanam…
Ab yaha se kaha jaye hum…
Teri bahon mein mar jaye hum…

Asr looks here and there and sees that the song is being played from a radio in a near by tea stall…
He gives a staring look to the owner, so the owner then turns off the radio….?

Girl:Arre Devi maiyya, main koun ho, kaha houn…?(oh go, who am I, where am I)?

Asr:OMG..! I think she has lost her memory…? Main ab kaha phase gaya houn…?(where am I stuck know)???

Girl:Boliye na aap koun hain ji…mujhe kya hua…?(tell me who r u….wat happened 2 me)?

Asr:Hain brahmalok main hain aap…!(u r in heaven)???

Girl:Sachi, toh aap koun ho, sakshath brahmadev…hahahaha….!!! (really, then who r u, lord Brahma…)???

Asr to himself:Iss vakth main bhi isse masak souch raha hain…!(at this time also she is joking)?

Girl:Did u say anything ji…!?

Asr:Nahi tho….!(no, not at all)?

The girl suddenly starts 2 laugh…. Asr gives a confused look 2 the girl…????

Girl:Uloo banaya, bada maza aaya….Uloo banaya, bada maza aaya…. (april fool…) ????

Asr:wat the…..?

Girl:Ajeeb bath hain ji. Apne apni gadi se meri gadi ko gira dhiya. Aur jab ladki aapni yadash ko chuki this thab aap uska faidha utna chathe hain. (wierd isn’t it. First u hit my vehicle with urs. And when the girl has lost her memory u r trying to take advantage)?

Asr:Ohh.. Hello miss. Jo bhi tumhara naam ho, (whatever ur mane is) I don’t care. First thing I was not taking advantage of u, second it was u who had acted as memory loss patient not me. And third I was just helping u, and U r putting the blame no me…????

Girl:Don’t try 2 make me a fool, I am Khushi Kumari Gupta, do u get that.

Asr:So wats the matter, I am Arnav Singh Raizadha, do u get that.

Khushi:Because of u now I ll be late for my interview….?

Asr:Oh really, it was u who did all the drama and now ur saying that I wasted ur time.


Both Asr and Khushi leave from that place in opposite directions….

Khushi then takes her scooty and reaches to the place where her interview was to take place….

Khushi:DM, pls my interview should go well. I should get this job. Plzz.

Khushi does the interview very good and gets the job.

CEO:Grt. Ur selected for the job.

Khushi:Thank so much sir…!

CEO:And pls don’t call me sir. Call me Mihir.

S guys Khushi has got a job in Raman’s company.

Raman:Grt, then from now on ur gng to be my PA. So here goes ur files, read it properly, my timetable, appointment’s with all company’s r there so be ready at any time.????

Khushi:Thank u sir…! But can I leave now….

Raman gives starring and I don’t care look.?

Mihir:S u can go Khushi. But be sharp at 8 tmrw mrng….

Khushi thx Mihir and Raman and goes from there.

Precap:Party time….

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