Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 3)


Episode 3:

Hiii guys, I hope u like till know….
Here goes the story…..

On both sides the cars are shown moving…..

Both the cars stop at the same time at their destination, the inmates of the car get down…..?

They all enter inside a building…..?

Raman and Mihir go to the seven star hotel for their meetings.
Arnav and Akash go to
Their office, while entering all the employees wish them.

Arnav:Akhi wat about the meeting with Malhotras..?

Akhi:Ho gaya bhai, v ll be meeting them tomorrow.

Arnav:No mistake, should take place in the meeting, do u understand. Is the presentation ready for it.?

Akhi:Ho gaya bhai, I have checked it myself.

In Raizadha Mansion, Ishu is talking with her friend in the phone.?

Ishu:Then who is ur life Jhanvi???

Jhanvi:Wat 2 say yaar Ishu, so much of trouble…?

Ishu:Y wat happened, did ur husband do anything???

Jhanvi:It’s a long story yaar, y don’t v meet some where and have a talk..??

Ishu:Nice idea, it also has been a long time since I met u…? Where shall v meet.?

Jhanvi:V shall meet in our favourite seven star hotel….

Ishu:Okay fine, I am leaving from house u also come there….

They both leave to the hotel. That’s the same hotel in which Raman and Mihir r also there for their meeting.

Ishu and her friend enter the hotel and go to have their chat and some coffee….

Their were having a friendly chat and remembering their school days.
When two men cross their way who r noted by Jhanvi.

Jhanvi:Ishu vaha dekho na, vo ladke kithne sondar hain??!!???

Ishu looks in the direction which she shows. Those two men r none other than r hero’s Raman and Mihir.

Ishu:Jhanvi, tum shaadhi shudha ladki ho, dosere ladke ko dekar rahe ho, Cheee Jhanvi!???

Jhanvi:Shut up Ishu. This is just a girl talk. V friends can talk like this, which cannot be known by others. Do u get it. Now u tell me how they look.????

Ishu:Not bad, but they both have a very stern look. Like they two don’t even belong to this world.

Jhanvi:Jakar bath kare kya…???????

Ishu:Shut up Jhanvi, they may think bad about us…???

Jhanvi:So u think that they ll think bad, then it means u also want to talk to them….????

Ishu:Shut up yaar, kuch bi….????(blushes)

They have jolly talk but Raman and Mihir don’t see them, they move out of the hotel.

Suddenly Raman has a strange feeling so stops. He sees here and there. He then blabbers something to himself and leaves from there with Mihir.

After some time Ishu and Jhanvi also leave from there. When she reaches her house, she goes to her room and she is thinking of someone…… Who is it???? It is Raman whom she is thinking about. Ishu starts to talk with herself….

Ishu:Who was that guy, y am l thinking about him now. Should I know about him, cheee Ishu u r so cheap. Today nly u saw that guy and within an hour ur our thinking like this.????

She then tries to divert her mind by indulging herself in cooking food for her bros. But deep inside her heart she is still thinking about that person.

Precap: New character entry…..

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