Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 2 & Intro)


I hope u liked the way this goes…..
I was overwhelmed with ur guesses……
Sry I couldn’t post has I had some important work, from now I ll post regularly…..
So here goes the story….

Man1:At last u win bhai, v will not do the deal with the Mathur’s happy….!?

Man2:I hope u ll support my decission. I did this for the growth of the company, u don’t know they r not doing it legally….!?

Man1:But bhai, r company ll get 4 times the profit….

Man2:It’s not about the profit, r company as certain standards…. Y don’t u understand that, Mihir?

S guys the Man1 is our Mihir…. So….
Our Man2 iiiss, s u r right it is Raman…

Now coming 2 the house…..

Man3:Where were u dhi all this time?

Dhi:I went 2 temple 2 pray for ur deal….??

Man4:Then be…. happy dhi cause v have got the deal.?

Dhi:Really, did u tell daddy he ll be so proud of u 2?

Man3:I does not matter now for him(in an inaudible tone)?

Dhi:Did u say anything…

Man4:No dhi, he said that…. v haven’t said 2dad yet.!

Dad:It doesn’t matter know I have heard it…!?

Dhi:Daddy, u r back from US…??

Dad:S my sweetheart…

Man3:It does not matter, he is of no use…?(again in an inaudible tone)

Dhi:Again did u say anything?!?!?

Man4:Dad how was ur journey?

Dad:Wonderful my son?

Dhi:How is dadi, is she fine, y did u come so early??

Dad:Ishu beta, sans tho le lo. Thumhari dadi bikul tik hai, aur patha hai, aaj kal vo na bauth naughty ho gai hai…!?(Ishu, take some breath. Ur dadi is alright, and u know, nowadays she is becoming very much naughty…!)

Man4:Kyu kya hua vaha, ki aap ithne pareshan ho?!?!(y wat happened there, y r u in the wage of anger)

Dad:U won’t believe wat she did…? Vo na vaha ke bache ko dekar, chathi hain ki unki there vo be rollerskating kare…?Bolo is umar me be rollerskating kartha hain koi…????(she saw some children there, and wants to rollerskate like them….?in this age also ll someone do rollerskating…?)

All went into laughters…!???

Ishu:Arnu, just imagine na, dadi doing rollerskating…???

S the Man3 is Arnav…!

Arnav:Dhi it’s not a bad idea…! Watsay Akhi…!?

S the Man4 is Akash….!

Akhi:Oh pls my dadi is not that much old, she is my darling…!?


So guys I hope u all liked till know, here goes the……


Raman Kumar Bhalla-:An arrogant businessman. Loves his friends and family. Owner of SRS company.Always keeps himself away from worldly likes due to the mishappenings in his past life……

Mihir Arora-:CEO of SRS company.Raman his is mentor and he thinks him as his elder brother. Supports him in each step of life, and the only support after Raman’s worst past…..

Ishitha Singh Raizadha-:Also called has Ishu. Loves her brothers more than anything in this world. The bridging gap between her father and brother……

Arnav Singh Raizadha-:Owner of AIA company. Anger is his other name, Loves his sister more than his life. Listens to wat his mind say, doesn’t talk properly with his dad because of the bad past….

Akash Singh Raizadha-:Co-owner of AIA company.A loving brother and son. Obeys his elder brother and sister. The only person who supports Arnav alot, due the past life of his family…..

Guys don’t worry guys surely more characters ll be introduced….
Their intro ll be given when they r introduced…..
U can also share ur ideas of introducing characters…..

Raman and Mihir leave from office to attend a conference happening in a seven star hotel……

Arnav and Akash also leave from their house and r going some where

Precap:Where r they going….
R they going to meet each other…..?

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