Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 14)


I know I told that I ll start from childhood days, but ur comments made me change my mind…..
Here goes the story…..

Harshad:No one knew how 16 years passed…..

But see today how r kids r happy……

U left me 12 years ago with all our kids, but they all understood the situation and handled it themselves. Not only that they took care of me also…..😃

Guys in my ff Swathi, Om and Toshi passed away…..
All the kids r brought up by Harshad in his house……

Harshad:C today all r kids r happy, After a long time Ishu has accepted to celebrate her birthday…..

And see today’s her birthday……😊

Today’s Ishu’s birthday she has gone to temple with all r children….

Two bikes r shown racing at their fullest speed, they have a very close race…..

One bike reaches the temple first, followed by the second bike…..

A car is shown following the two bikes, it also reaches the temple…..

The person driving the car……,

Akhi:Shagu dhi, these two ll never change right.

Shagun:Ur right Akhi, when ll they understand it very dangerous to drive so fast…..😕

Mihir:But Shagu dhi, it’s no use arguing here and also with them. Cause they won’t listen to us. On top of it today’s Ishu dhi’s birthday and v all have to fulfill her wish…..😃

Pragya: But isn’t it super cool to have a race like this. It looks so nice seeing them drive at such a speed……😄

Ishu:C…., even she supports me. Pls make them understand Pragya.😇

They all get down from the car…… And go towards the bike riders….

Pragya:Bhai, u were just awesome…., No one can beat u in bike racing….

Ishu:Hey hello, my bro is not less then ur brother. My bro is the best in everything….do u get that….?😈

The second rider removes his helmet….

It’s Arnav, hot and charming…..

Arnav:Thx dhi, but have to admit this time Raman has won the race….

Ishu makes pout face…..😡

The first rider removes his helmet with smile on his face of victory….

It’s the hot and dashing Raman….

Raman:At last u and ur sis accepted ur defeat…..😊

Ishu:This time maybe u won, but next time surely Arnu ll race u…..

They all enter the temple except Raman and Arnav…..

Shagun:Atleast for today u both pls enter inside the temple…..😒

Pragya:Haan bhai, Shagu dhi teek bol rahi hain….(S bro, Shagu dhi is right)

Arnav:U all very well know that I don’t believe in God, and especially after mom’s death……

Ishu:Even I except this, but today atleast for me come inside the temple….😞

Raman:Leave it yaar JKR, we r not ready to accept him, after taking r precious gifts from us, so pls…..

Mihir:Okay bhai, v won’t disturb u, take ur time……

Akhi:But one day u both ll surely come to the temple…..

Asr and Raman:Let’s c…..😕

The rest go inside the temple and pray to have a fun filled and content life….

After praying they all return back. And our gang leaves from there to go to their house.

Precap:Surprise time…….


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