Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 13)


Hii guys I dont know u would like this decission of mine……
The flash back starts from their childhood days….
I know some won’t like this decission….
For ppl who ll dislike my decission…..
I ll assure u that u won’t be disappointed with this my decission of mine…..
Here goes the episode…..

Mr. Harshad Raizadha and Mr. Omprakash Bhalla r business partners and grt friends from childhoods….

One day…..

They had cracked a grt deal and had arranged for a party that night….

All have arrived for the party.πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

The hosts of the party r talking with their friends….

Friend1:Where r u wives man….!

Harshad: See there my wife Swathi….

Om:And my wife is there, see Toshi….

Friend2:And were r ur lovely kids v have brought kids….

At once a loud scream is heard….😱😱

They all run to that place to see wat has happened….

Om:Ishu beta, kya hua, kyun chilla rahi ho.(Ishu dear, wat happened, y r u shouting)

Ishu:Uncle see wat ur son did….πŸ‘‰(Mihir was standing there)

Toshi:Ohay, Mihir wat did u do….?

Mihir:Papaji I didn’t do anything…! I swear.


Raman:Papa, main kuch nahi kiya. Sab uss Arnav ke bache ne kiya tha.(Dad, I didn’t do anything. All was done by that Arnav idiot)

Ishu:Not only me, they did this to Shagun too….😭

Om:Shagu, is it true wat Ishu is saying….

Shagun:SS, papaji they were very rude……

Harshad:Arnav where r u…….?😣

Arnav:Dad I didn’t do any thing…… all was done by Akhi….?

Akhi:Bhai don’t lie, it was all done by Pragya…..

Harshad:All of u pls stop it….. Ishu and Shagun can any one of u pls tell me wat happened here.

Shagun:Uncle, they……they…..(cries)😭

Ishu:Daddy, they all took our chocolate…..🍫

Pragya:Ishu dhi, don’t lie, first u both only took our chocolate. V tried taking ours back, for this……

Om:U all r fighting for a chocolate….😫

Shagun: Papaji, it’s not just a chocolate….., it’s dairy milk silk chocolate…..!🍫

Swathi:Pagal bache, ek chocolate ke liye hamari jaan nikal diya…(Foolish kids, for one chocolate they took our lives)

Ishu:Mom, those were not just choki, they were my life…..(cries)

All laugh a little seeing her antics….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pragya:U ppl stop laughing, and solve this matter….cause I want my choki….😭😭😭

Harshad:Beta, don’t worry I ll get new and many chocolates for all u. Okay….!

Ishu:Daddy, they should not get cause they stole our choki…..!(makes puppy face)😞😞

Om:Don’t worry beta, they won’t get it, only u and Shagun ll get it….

All the parents went from their…..

Akhi:This is not fair dhi, u two not only stole our chocolate, but also made us get beatings from them…..!

Pragya:Yaa Ishu dhi, yaar is taking our side for the first time in his life…

All laugh a little…..πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Arnav:Dhi this not fair, I didn’t do anything even then u ppl blamed me also….

Shagun:Wat can v do Arnu, u supported them instead of us, so suffer…πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Arnav:U r all mean, u don’t even care for me…..!

Raman:Asr, u don’t worry, v ll again get those chocolates from them….

Ishu:Ahh, Ravaan Kumar so mean, wait I ll tell daddy…..

All laugh a little on hearing the name Ravaan Kumar…

Raman:Don’t ever call me like that Jhansi ki Rani……

But Ishu doesn’t listen to his words and starts to run to tell her dad…

But Raman also runs behind her…..

Mihir:I think Ishu dhi is going to die today wat say guys…..πŸ˜•

Arnav:No ways, my dhi is very smart. Raman is only going to die….😣

Pragya:I think dude is right, but whatever happens I ll not get my choki…..!😭😭😭

Shagun:Always thinking about urself. But to tell the truth ur an original piece, there is no substitute for u…..😘😍😘😍

All laugh a little…..πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Here goes their Intro…….

Ishitha:First child of Harshad and Swathi Raizadha. A bubbly girl, daddy’s pet. Loves her brothers very much.(Age 10)πŸ‘Έ

Raman:First child of Om and Toshi Bhalla. A cute boy, mommy’s pet. Loves his sister.(Age 10)πŸ‘¨

Shagun:Second child of Om and Toshi Bhalla. Obedient girl. Sister of Mihir. Adopted daughter of Om and Toshi Bhalla.(Age 10)πŸ‘©

Akash:Second child of Harshad and Swathi Raizadha. Innocent boy. Best friend of Mihir and Pragya.(Age 9)πŸ‘¦

Mihir:Third child of Om and Toshi Bhalla. Trustful boy, never lies to any one. Brother of Shagun. Adopted son of Om and Toshi Bhalla.(Age 8)πŸ‘¦

Arnav:Third child of Harshad and Swathi Raizadha. Naughty boy. Loves his sister very much.(Age 8)πŸ‘¨

Pragya:Fourth child of Om and Toshi Bhalla. Little child among our gang. Mischievous girl but very innocent.(Age 6)πŸ‘§

So our gang was very playful and enjoying their life. They all studied in the same school. And had the most happiest lives anyone could have. All did the greatest pranks in their life. They would stand for their friend at any point of their life, even if they fight among themselves.

Guys ssry, but at first I would have given that Akhi is the youngest so I am sry. Pls kindly forgive me for the inconvenience…..

Precap:Leap……a flight to clg days……..


  1. Yashu

    Awesome dear….Just fantastic and really wonderful update.I was just enjoying the whole epi…

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