Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 11)



Hii guys hope u liked till now…..
Here goes the episode….

Ishu is still playing with the kids. When the small girl goes towards Raman to give the cake…..

Girl:Bhai, have this cake. Today is my birthday so v r celebrating it here with bro and my mom…..?

Hearing the word Mom Raman thinks that the lady is married and has two kids. He becomes sad….

Pragya being at the back listens to their conversation, but decides to do something to keep the smile on Raman’s face….

Raman takes the cake from the girl and the girl runs to her bros.

When Raman is ready to leave from the park he accidentally bumps into Ishu by looking into his phone.

Ishu:Hello mister, bagvan ne appko ithni badi badi akein di hain dehkne ke liye, samjhe…..(Hello mister, God has given u big big eyes to see, understand)?

Raman:Ohh hello, main dehkar nahi chal raha tha okay, par tumko bi bagvan ne akein di hain tum bi dehkar chal sakthi thi…..(Ohh hello, I did see and walk okay, but God has also given u eyes u could also see and walk) (in an angry tone)?

Pragya who is seeing all this smiles…..?

Pragya(to herself):Kithni bar kaha hain bhai ko main, ki aapna gussa shaanth karo…..(How many times did I tell bhai, to control his anger)

Ishu:Really, ohh mister mind ur language okay ur talking to Ishitha. Do u get that…

Raman:Really, if u r Ishitha than wat can I do for that, or did u forget ur name that ur repeating it several times……?

Ishu:Ahh….it’s waste talking to u…..?

Raman:Ur looking so civilised, but ur activities r not like that…..
And I am also not a normal man, I am THE RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA.

Ishu:Ur name should not be Raman Kumar it should be Ravaan Kumar….?

Raman:U have crossed ur limit Jhansi ki Rani….?

Ishu:My name is Ishitha and not Jhansi ki Rani….

Raman:Ur not less then her always fighting for each and every word….

While Raman was saying this Ishu was very much annoyed with him so she was moving from there when

She was going she gets her ankle raised and falls down….

She cries, Raman sees her and starts his taunts…??

Raman:Ohh JKR, that’s y ppl say open ur eyes walking. But u won’t cause you think urself to be “The Queen of England”.?

But Ishu starts to cry very badly in pain…..???

Raman seeing her pain goes near her…

Raman:Oh hello, here take my hand and get….?

He extends his hand….

BGM plays Dil kahi ruktha nahi….

Ishu tries to give her hand but she wasn’t able to get up…

Seeing Ishu in pain Raman bends down to her
And he lifts her…

Ishu is very much shocked….?

He takes her to his car.

Ishu:Oh dare u lift me in ur arms…..?

Raman: I am not having that much dare to lift the great JKR. But can u walk by urself…..?

Ishu thinks for awhile to back answer him but does not have any words to reply….

They both reach his car. Raman makes Ishu sit in the car. And he goes to drive the car.

Ishu:Do u know my house address…..

Raman:I am not a mahan go know ur address by doing any black magic for which ur specialized…?

Ishu makes a shocking look but does not reply him, cause he has to take her to her house….

Ishu turns her face and directs him to her house.

Pragya seeing all this goes to her Bhalla mansion in shock and happy….????

Precap:Arman meeting……
Mystery to be revealed…..

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