Ishra and Arshi-Love Makes Life Beautiful (Episode 10)



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All were shocked to hear these words from Pragya’s mouth.???

Raman had a small sign of happiness in the corner of his heart, but he at once hid it, and looked as if he is not bothered by their precense.
And he left from the hall to his room.?

Mihir:Pragya, u know very well bhai doesn’t like to hear info about them. U know war happens to him after thinking about them….

Shagun:U didn’t tell me that u r still in contact with them….r they really here….

Pragya:No dhi not with all, but only with yaar….he told that they r having a.own company here….?

Mihir:If it’s so, then v didn’t meet any of them in the party. The party was for all great businessman in the town.

Pragya:Really…! Was it a theme party….!?

Mihir:SS, y r u asking this question….??

Shagun:Idiot, then everyone would have worn a mask right, then how could u have seen anyone.?

Mihir:Ur right in way, even bhai said that he was disturbed by the happening from the past.

Pragya:C…even he had a feeling. Then I was right. That’s y bhai ran away from the truth.

Mihir:Even if it is so, bhai won’t like any of us having contact with them. Did both of u get that….!

They all r sad, but can’t do anything for their bhai Raman….??

In Raman’s room…
Raman is talking with himself….

Raman:R they really here. If so then y didn’t I c anyone till now. Its not that I have not searched from them.
Watever it is I should not think about them.
Yaa….! I should not think about them. That’s only good for me and them.

He has a tear drop in the corner of his eyes….!?

He then thinks to go out to divert his mind….

Pragya sees Raman going out but does not stop him, but she follows him without telling anyone.

Raman goes to his car, when he gets a call during which Pragya gets into the car dickey. Raman drives the car to a park.

He gets down and enter the park. Pragya also gets down from the dickey and follows him.

He goes to a bench and sits there. He his thinking about the past.

*****FB starts*****

A girl and Raman r seen together. The girl is running and Raman is chasing her. The girl is shouting that no one can catch her, Raman replies that he ll surely catch her.

After some time Raman catches her, but they both fall on the ground.
Due to which both share an eye lock. Raman goes near to move the strands of her hair which is covering her beautiful and gorgeous face.

*****FB ends*****

Raman is smiling thinking of the lovely time he spent with them.?

Raizadha House….

Ishu is seen going to the temple.

At the temple she is praying for her brother’s good health, Daddy to always stay calm, and keep her family always happy.

When she comes out of the temple…. A boy comes running to her,

Boy:Dhi dhi, kya aap mere sath chal sakthe hain….(Sis, can u come with me pls)☺

Ishu:Kyun beta, kya hua….?(y dear, wat happened)?

Boy:Dhi, vaha ek park hain. Vaha main apne behn ki birthday party raka hoon….(sis, do u c a park there. There I have kept a party for my sis)?

Ishu:Kyun, tumhare maa baap kaha hain…(Y, where r ur parents)?

Boy:Hamare maa aur papa bagvan ke pass chale gaye….(our parents went to God)

Ishu is thinking about her mother.

Ishu:I am sry beta,don’t worry I ll surely come with u there, but may I know y r u calling me.?

Boy:Meri behn hamare maa ko ab thak nahi dekha hain, aur aap meri maa ki tare dik rahe hain, tho main un dono ko aap se milakar, aapni maa ko dikna chatha hoon….. (My sis has not seen my mother till now, and ur looking like my mother, so I want u to meet her, and show her our mother)

Ishu had a drop of tear in her eyes and follows the boy to the same park where Raman and Pragya r there….?

Ishu goes to the park and wishes the girl happy birthday. The boy introduces Ishu and says she is looking just like their mother. Yhe girl is very happy and ask Ishu if she can call her mom.

Ishu smiles at them….?

Ishu:But for that u should fulfill my condition…?

Girl:Wat is ur condition….?

Ishu:U should give me a kiss….

And points her cheeks to her.

The girl kiss her on both sides of the cheek. All the three smile.????

After the cake cutting all r happily playing games with each other.

Raman gets disturbed, due to some sound. He looks here and there to find wats causing the sound. He sees the kids with a lady and goes back into thinking. He does not c the girl’s face has she is facing the other side.

At once Ishu turns to the other side, facing Raman…

Hearing a voice, which was very familiar and the voice which he wanted to hear for the past years, he turns to see from where the voice is coming.

He sees Ishitha. A smile creeps on the side of his face. ?

Seeing Raman smile Pragya sees in the direction where he his seeing. She also sees Ishitha.

Pragya(to herself):After a long time this person has brought a smile on my bhai’s face. I ll surely do something to make this smile stay on his face for his lifetime…..?

Both Raman and Pragya see Ishitha and smile. While Ishu is enjoying with the kids, and laughs seeing they being happy.

Precap:Ishra fight…..with romance……

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