ishra arshi destiny part 1

I forgot to mention that raman does not know that ishita lives in Delhi in bhalla house suddenly ruhi had tooth pain she started crying so Mrs bhalla called raman and informed him he came and took ruhi to clinic where ishita was a dentist simmi (raman sister) took her inside ishitas room ishita was a little late so they waited meanwhile raman went outside and suddenly ishita also came so they bumped into each other . Raman was mesmerised seeing ishitas beauty raman and ishita could not identify each other. In gupta house 2 beautiful girls came out they were none other than kushi and Payal they hurried up as they were late for their interview on the other side mihir from (yhm) and Arnav from (ipkknd) were also going to office as they were the owners of ASR fashion company Payal and khusi reached office where as mihir and Arnav also reached office at the same time. Will destiny make mihir and Payal together will raman be able to know about ishitas identity will khusi and Arnav be able to make a pair. Plz do comment as there are many twists and suspense keep reading☺

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  1. Reshma Pradeep


  2. Make your episode longer pls

  3. Same pairs of my ff… But very interesting to read in a different base… Keep going maha… Super.. But very short update… Also I couldn’t understand…. Raman ishu didn’t identify each other.. Means they know each other???….

    This is ur first part or… U have posted one before this?? If so give the link of last update

  4. u mentioned that ishita is ishita bhalla then how come raman doesnt recognize his wife ???
    totally confused dear pls clarify
    try to make long ff’s pls
    one more thing type ur ff’s in word document or notepad where u can do the indendation

    @ arshi
    this is the link

    1. thanx keerthi

  5. Thanks it’s ishra destiny

  6. I told you it has a tragedic past will reveal later.

  7. Nice strt

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