Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 8)

Sooooooooo sorry …but I can’t update regularly… Just because of my school nd studies after a month my final exams will start…but I’ll update it as soon as possible

So let’s begin-


Raman wakes up with a bad headache

He holds his head nd opens his eyes

He looks around to see the surroundings

He turns at gets shocked seeing ishita next to him

Just then Mani comes

Mani-ohh raman…u woke up..its OK …now drink this lime water ..I know u might be having a bad headache

He takes the glass nd drinks it in one go

Raman-mani…how did i ….i mean what am i doing here..nd that too beside ishita…

Hearing noises ishita also wakes up

Ishita-ouch!!!my head…

She opens her eyes nd gets shocked seeing mani nd raman

Ishita-what r u two doing here???

Raman-i also dont know nd i dont remember anything about last night

Mani-u both were drunk

Hearing the statement both get shocked

Raman’s POV

I was drunk..did i confessed my feelings…shit…i dont remember anything..what would have happened

Ishita’s POV

What??i was drunk…i dont remeber anything about last night..what if i had confessed my feelings

Both get nervous nd have a brief eyelock which is broken by mani

Mani-u know what u both were looking soo cute yesterday.. U both were not ready to leave each other nd go home…

He starts laughing

Ishra have a eyelock

Raman gets up nd goes

Ishita also goes to freshenup

Mani-hmmm…I know they r in love..but why r they not confessing

He also leaves

Ishita’s POV

He slept beside me …ayyoo…we were drunk…as Mani said we were not ready to leave each other….how must have I behaved??..what if he remembers about last night ..

She gets worried

Raman’s POV

Shit man!!!…I don’t know what’s happening…I only know I love her…yes…I love her very much…but I don’t know her feelings…I don’t know what’s her relation with that Mani


Ishra r not talking …just stealing glances at each other

Mani notices nd frowns

Mani-ishu…what happened…why r u both not talking…last night the view was something else

He winks

Ishita-mani..stop pulling my leg…last night I was not in my senses…I want to ask one thing…what happened last night

Mani-last night….

He tells her the whole situation

Ishita sighs

Ishita-thnk god I didn’t say anything

Mani-ishu…tell me something….i know u love him ..but why r u not confessing

Ishita-who said..I’m in love with him…with that stupid

She ignores his eye contact

Mqni-yes ..u should not love him… He is such a stupid boy..I don’t like him…such a flirt…

Ishita(shouts)-Mani stop talking about him like that…how dare u say anything to my raman

Mani-MY raman…

He winks

Ishita blushes

Ishita-yes..I love him..but I don’t know he loves me

Saying this she leaves

Ishita-what if he remembers about last night… How we cuddled each other..ayyooo

While raman was sitting on the bench thinking the same

Ishita came nd saw him sitting

She decides to ask him

She goes towards him

He sees her coming towards him

He gets up

Both open their mouth to ask

“Do u remeber anything about last night??”


Both say in unison

“thank god”

Both stare each other nd smile


After college there was a great hustle bustle outside …

Raman was crossing the road as his bike was on the next side of the road

He didnt notices the truck coming from the side

Ishita notices nd runs towards him nd pushes him

Before raman could think anything

Truck crashed with ishita

Raman was shocked seeing what just happened

He shouted – ishitaaaaaaa

So how’s it??
Next update tomorrow pakka

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  1. Kumud

    Oh no ishu met with an accident

  2. Superrrrrrrr…..

  3. Very nice.I liked it so much.I search your ff daily

  4. begining was superb….but end with shocking an accident…waiting for next one…

  5. nice update raman was shocked to see ishita beside him mani was teasing ishita both loves eachother ishita met with accident pls continue soon

  6. Rashita

    Nice epi waiting for next one

  7. Raman will feel bad for not admitted early. Ishita accident! Raman rushed Ishu to hospital and inform Mani about Ishu accident. Mani get shocked and rush to see Ishu. Raman start weeping and plead Ishu to come back. Raman confessed his feeling for Ishu. Ishu hear Raman’s confession and is in cloud 9. Ishu slowly woke up. Raman get cloud 9 to see Ishu fine. Raman hold Ishu hand. Ishu will confessed her feeling for Raman. Mani see Raman and Ishu closed then he get happy.

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