Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 7)

Sorryyyy…really sorry for the delay I know it was a long delay but actually my vacations r going on so I am in nainital …just now I’m free so thought to update it…once again sorry ….nd Thnk u soooo much for ur comments nd silent readers plz comment I would be happy if u will comment and maybe ill update regularly????
So here we go……

Ishita(talli state)-mmm…raman….u r very baaddd….u dont care for me…now go ill not talk to u

She leaves

Raman-ishita …ishita listen to me…arre shit…

He bangs his hand on his forehead

Nd follows her

He starts finding her

Nd sees her dancing

Nd a few boys around her nd she in middle

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya (x4)

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She dances on it

Many boys try coming closer only to get a punch from raman

Raman drags her from the disco

But she wants to dance more

Ishita-ramannn……leave me

Raman-shhh….just stand here

Ishita-noo…I don’t want to ..

Nd starts crying

Raman-ishita..ishita…sshh..don’t cry na..listen to me

Then she sees a wait or serving drinks

She goes near him nd picks the glass

Nd goes on the dance floor

Ishita (shouting)- let’s rock the floor

Nd again start dancing …boys come nd hold her hand nd start dancing with her

Raman just looks on annoyed with his own behaviour

Raman-shit…now what to do…if she will be here…she will keep drinking

Just then mani sees ishita


Raman turns nd sees mani

Raman-lo aa gaya yeh
(Now he came)

Ishita sees mani


She runs towards him nd drags him

Ishita-dont u want to dance with me

She makes a puppy face

Raman gets angry nd he also starts drinking

Mani-ishu…listen to me…lets leave..

Ishita-no …i dont want to leave..go if u want to go..

Nd leaves him nd starts dancing with others

Now raman comes on the dance floor nd looks at ishita nd finishes his 5th drink nd gives the glass to the waitor

Nd pulls one of the girls nd starts dancing with her …but keeps staring ishita

Ishita looks at him nd makes a puppy face

She goes towards him nd pushes the girl

Ishita(talli mode)-go…why r u dancing with my raman …he will dance only with me

Nd there raman smirks

She turns towards him nd raman pulls her by her waist nd kisses her forehead nd starts dancing with her

He picks her in his arms

Nd takes her out

Raman(with a pout)-where should we go

Ishita-hmmmmmm….where should we go

She says mimicking him

Just then Mani comes

Mani-thnks raman u got her till here…I think I should take her

Raman(with a pout to ishita)-u want to go with him or meeeeee…..

He stretches the word me

Ishita(thinking)-I’ll gooooo with …..hmmmmmm….uuuuuuuuuuu

Nd she suddenly kisses his cheeks

Mani-arre …what kind of ans is this…ishu come with me …I’ll drop u home…u r drunk…nd raman u also u should go home

Mani tries taking Ishita in his arms but raman moves back

Raman-whatttttt….she said…sheee will goooo with meeeee

Ishita-yes…I will gooooo with himmm

She says in a childish manner

Mani-fine..ishu…u forgot about me na…very bad…

He starts fake crying

Which melts ishita’s heart

He gets down from raman’s arms

Nd stretches her arms

Ishita(childish manner)-sowwwyyy….I’ll go with u..

Raman-ishita…u will go with her…u r leaving me

He also starts fake crying

Ishita-raman…don’t cry…I’ll not leave u

Mani-o god …these two…big dramaebaaz…

Mani-fine…fine…we’ll go by same car…now follow me

Ishra(together)-Yeah !!yeah!!

They follow him like small kids

Mani makes both of them sit on back seats nd he drives the car

While driving …he turns to look at them

He sees ishita on raman’s lap nd he is securely hugging her
Nd both r sleeping

Mani-aww…both r looking so cute

After reaching ishita’s house

He opens the back door nd tries taking ishita from Raman’s arms

But raman pulls her more close nd starts murmuring

Raman-…dont take her …move move…go from here…she is mine

Mani-oh am i goi g to take them inside

He wakes raman

Mani-raman..wake up..listen if u will not wake…ill take ishu with me

He at once wakes up

Mani-come out nd take her inside

Raman securely picks her nd takes her inside

He places her on bed nd he also falls on bed nd he also sleeps with her ..hugging her close

Mani-these..two..i know ..they r in love..

He clicks their pic

So how’s it??

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