Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 6)

Hello everyone…Thnk u so much for ur comments…actually I need some ideas for this story…please suggest me some ideas…so here we go with our next part–

Next day

Raman was thinking that ishita might be with him all day , talking and fighting bcoz of yesterdays incident ..

But he got irritated seeing ishita with Mani

Raman(mind)-she should be with me…I saved her from that goon nd instead she is with Mani

Ishmani r talking sitting on bench

Ishita-so Mani…what happened with ur girlfriend whom u used to date three months back

Mani-hmm…ishu..she betrayed me…


Mani-she saw we both together nd thought we r boyfrnd nd girlfrnd

Ishita(laughing)-she…she thought we both r…*laugh*…u …u didnt try to explain

Mani-i tried but she said that im lying …nd u know what ishu…she said she has one more boyfrnd

Ishita burst out laughing

Ishita-mani…she fooled u …o god mani…u r so innocent

She says pulling his cheeks

Mani-that toh i am

He says with a wink

Raman who is standing far from them is fuming in anger

Raman-she is so comfortable with him…nd see both r laughing holding their stomach…nd always …..Mani yeh ….mani wo

He says mimicking her

A boy pats his shoulder


Boy- r u fine

Raman-yeah…I am

Boy -OK

He goes still staring him

Raman-mad or what

He turns to see ishmani r gone

After college

Ishra received an invitation of a party

Ishita-wow…party…means raman will also be there…I’ll be able to spend time with him…today I was not able to talk to him also..

She becomes a bit upset

On the other hand

Raman-wow…invitation..great..I’ll get some time with I’ll ask her about that Mani..



A beautiful hall is shown decorated beautifully …

Many people r dancing

Raman enters wearing black t shirt nd white jacket with black jeans…He is looking super dashing

He looks for ishita but couldn’t find her

He goes to the bar nd asks for a drink

He drinks nd searches for her

Nd there

She enters wearing..something like this

She is looking extremely gorgeous

Raman is dumbstruck seeing her

She enters nd looks around

She sees him

He winks at her

She blushes

He moves forward

Ishita smiles

Nd there beautiful moment is broken by Mani(poor guy doesnt know what his presence is doing with raman)

Mani-Hey pretty girl!!

Raman steps back

Ishita looks at raman

He turns showing his back to her

Mani-ishu …u r looking stunning


Nd again she starts looking at raman

Mani notices

Mani-ishu…i think someone is calling me..ill come in few minutes

Ishita smiles

He leaves

She moves towards raman

Raman goes to the bar nd again starts drinking

Ishita(mind)-pakka he is angry…i should have talked to him

She orders one drink for her too


But he looks the other way

Ishita-raman…look at me na

She drinks nd calls him again

Ishita-listen if u will not look at me ill keep drinking nd u know if i drink more than usual …im not in my control

But still raman being raman starts talking to another girl

She stares him in anger

Nd starts drinking

She gulps one drink

Nd pats his shoulder

Then another

Again pats him

Nd now the third ..

This time he just moves his eyes towards her

Nd gets shocked seeing she really drank more than usual…he thought she might not

To be continued

So what will happen next??

First u will have to comment

Nd give me some more ideas too

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  1. Tvfan1

    Will Ishita get drunk? Well I think u should bring a girl for mani in this party also want to see some ishra romance keep rocking

  2. Rocking episode n want some ishra moments

  3. nice.ishra romance and their expressions are also reachable.

  4. Kumud

    Lol funny make raman more jealous pls with mani presence

  5. your episodes r allways so cute and very lovely….ishita was drunk….you can make rocking episode…ishita’s crazy drama’s and raman will going to handle her….their romance…so much fun….

  6. too good so nice

  7. nice update ishita is drunk now what will happen pls continue soon

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