Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 5)


Hey everyone..I’m sorry for delay actually my WiFi was finished nd till now its not recharged and now I’m using my balance to write this article…for u let’s start-
Raman is sitting on the stairs …he is in deep thoughts

Raman-yaar…whats happening

He pulls his hair

Raman-why is this happening?? Why am i not liking ishita with somebody else??…i knkw that since we started our cat and dog fight few months back …no one came between us one….nd we used to fight…sometimes care for each other..but today this new person came nd im feeling so insecured …why ????

He stands frustrated and turns to leave

Nd sees ishita walking with mani talking..giggling..

Raman ignores her nd ishita sees that

Ishita(mind)-what happened to him??why did he just ignored me??

She shrugs off the thought when mani calls her

Mani-ishu…r u fine.

Ishita nods with a faint smile nd in her mind she was just thinking about why raman ignored her…but again she shrugs thinking why she cares


Ishita goes to market to distract her mind from the pain in her hand but she didnt knew that was that pain was for wound or for being ignored by raman first he atleast used to fight with her

As raman ishita live very close …she thinks to pass through his house…if she meets him …she woukd ask the reason

With that she starts to move out from the mall

When she was passing from his house …she was glaring at his window to get a glimpse of him

Nd suddenly bangs with a man nd falls down

Man-cant u see and walk

Ishita-im sorry actually I was looking at…

Man-what huh..u know to whom u r talking…The goon of this area…

Ishita-im sorry na…how many times

Man-i don’t like sorries …by the way I’m liking u

He moves closer

Nd she moves back

Ishita-kya badtameezi hai

Man-what …I’m just want u to say sorry in some other way

He leans over her

The people around r just passing as no one dares to fight with him

He moves very close nd holds her by her waist

She closes her eyes tight

Nd the next moment the man was on the floor nd his hand was replaced by Raman’s

Raman starts beating him

Raman-how dare u…how dare u touch her…can’t u see she was saying sorry…nd how dare u go close to her

He beats the man blue nd green

Man-just now I’m leaving u…next time..I won’t

With that he leaves

Raman turns to see ishita

Only to find her hugging him tight

Nd crying

He consoles her

Raman-shh…stop crying…Bas …I’m here na

Ishita-i got scared…so scared…Thnk u so much

He takes her to his house …to calm her down

He makes her sit nd gives her water

Raman-what were u doing here?? Don’t u know this area is not safe

Ishita-wo..actually …wo

She stammers

Raman keeps his finger on her lips

Raman-i know..I know…u came to meet me…me THE HANDSOME RAMAN BHALLA

he says in teasing voice

Ishita-very funny….I came to mall…not to meet u THE IDIOT RAMAN BHALLA

Raman frowns

Ishita laughs

Nd later he also joins her in her laughter

Ishita-why did u ignored me today

She said in a serious tone


Ishita-when I was with Mani

Raman -wo…I was not ignoring u …wo…I…I..yes..I had to go to shagun

Ishita frowns


Raman-i feel something is burning

He teases her

Ishita-im not jealous

Raman-who said u r jealous

He smirks

Iahita-raman..I …I hate u..

Nd she starts throwing pillows on him

Nd he catches some nd some get hit on his head

Raman-accha beta..

He picks a pillow

Raman-now all the pillows r on my side

Ishita widens her eyes to find all the pillows on his side

He throws the pillow

Which gets hit on her face

He starts throwing all the pillows

Nd she also starts catching nd throwing back

They continued throwing the pillows

After some time…some pillows got torn and the cotton feathers started falling down

Nd they both sat down panting

They had an intense eye lock

They smiled at each other nd ignored each other’s eye contact

Sorry for the delay..i am busy now a days…so sorry for that..

To be continued

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    cutee Pillow fight??
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  3. superb episode…ishra was very cute…eagerly waiting for next one….

  4. awesome update raman saved ishita from goon they spend time with eachother pls continue soon

  5. Kumud

    Awesome really nice

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    Wowowpow yaar it was really an awesome episode …I have cherished each n every scene..lovely??????

  7. Lovely episode n pillow fight was so cute

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