Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 4)


Sorryyyy for delay actually I was planning my story for the competition…
So let’s start

Raman drops ishita home

While going to his house

He was just thinking about ishita

He then realises what he was thinking

Raman-raman have u gone mad….u r thinking about ur biggest enemy…whats happening to me…This girl will make me go crazy…no raman just stop thinking about her

Ishita’s house

Ishita-He is not too bad yaar…he is cute

She smiles unknowingly nd then realises

Ishita-Shut up ishita r u mad ….why r u thinking about him…he only locked u inside the storeroom…stupid….now take rest

She sleeps thinking about him

Next day


Ishita is wearing pink shorts nd white top nd high pony with pink heals…she is looking gorgeous???

Aparna-Hey ! Ishu how r u now

Ishita-im okay but still my hand is paining

Just then raman comes

Raman -ishita…how’s ur hand nd ur forehead

Ishita-u toh don’t talk about it I’ll not leave u ….bcoz of u I’m not able to do things…u wait

She gives aparna her bad nd runs behind raman

Raman is running around the whole college

Raman-ishita….listen to me na …I’m sorry …plz forgive me….leave me ka

Ishita-no.I’ll not leave u …u just stop

Raman-no I’ll not

Everyone is just looking at their dog nd cat fight

Raman hides behind his friend

Ishita-u stupid move from front

The boy tries moving but raman is holding his t shirt so tightly that he can’t move

So ishita pushes him making raman nd the boy fall on the ground

Ishita moves towards raman but he escapes

He is again running

Raman-someone help me….from this mad girl…call mental hospital

Ishita-u said mental to me just wait

Suddenly …she slips nd some strong arm holds her

He is not raman

He is Mani

Raman turns to see nd gets shocked seeing ishita in Mani’s arms

Ishita slowly opens her eyes nd gets happy seeing Mani

She stands on her legs

Nd hugs him

Raman frowns in anger nd stands behind a pillar to watch them

Ishita is hugging him nd jumping which making raman angry seeing her so close to him

Mani-Hey doll

Ishita-mani u r back…im soooo happy today

She hugs him

Raman is not able to listen their talks

Mani-my sweet sissy will miss me nd I’ll not come

Ishita-no u don’t love me…see ur sissy missed u so much nd u were out of station..

(Actually Mani is not ishita’s real bro ….they made each other bro nd sis)

Mani-accha I’m sorry …

He holds her ears but she turns


Mani hugs her from behind

Nd now Raman’s anger raised

Raman-how dare he hug her

Mani-im sorry…puleezzzz forgive me

He says in a childish language

He kisses her cheeks

She laughs

Ishita-how u manage to act so cute

She hugs him

Nd now Raman’s anger knew no bounds

He leaves fuming

Raman-how dare he hug her…ok hugging is ok but kiss…he kissed my ishita’s cheeks….but why am I thinking about her…she hug anyone or kiss anyone…I give it a damn care….I don’t care..

Ishita was with mani nd aparna

They were having a great talk

Mani -ishu…how did u got this hurt…why don’t u take care of urself

Ishita-arre…u know ka im afraid of darkness

He nods

Ishita-u know about me nd raman

He nods

Ishita-i mixed jamalgota in his drink

His eyes popped out nd he giggled

Mani-ishu …u should not be doing this…but how u got this wound

Ishita-to take revenge he locked me inside a dark room


Aparna-yes …he locked her …nd not for 5 to 10 minutes one hour…what must have gone on her…u know she fainted nd she got hurt on her head nd hand

Mani-how can he lock u

To be continued

So how’s it

What will happen next?
Will Raman’s misunderstandings get cleared
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  1. Ankitha

    Superb awesome ? Lisa. I loved it so much. Plz continue

  2. Nice update
    Ishra were thinking about eachother
    Ishita was running behind raman to punish him entry of mani wad nice ishita and mani are bro and sis

  3. Nivedha

    Poor Raman… Pls make Raman’s misunderstanding to get CLR soon Na..

    Cutest story… Loving it to the core

  4. nice one…just two episodes you made raman change a lot…last episode you made raman to think about ishita…today he become jealous seaning mani and ishita…eagerly waiting for next one….

  5. Wow superb amazing
    Post soon

  6. Funclubs

    Super duper.. Very awesome writing skills Lisa.. Thx for commenting on my ff..carry on the good work! Does mani love ishu!?

    1. Lisa

      Hey I have sent my article for the competition.. Have u got it

      1. Funclubs was so awesome

  7. very nice

  8. Nice one. Very funny story but Raman suddenly jealous of Ishita and Mani but did not hear clearly that Mani call Ishu sister. I am laughing while reading Raman spoken about Ishu and boys flirt and hug. I am waiting for next update.

  9. Kumud

    Funny but pls no long misunderstanding

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