Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 3)


Hellooo everyone….Thnk u so much for ur comments ….so let’s start our episode

Raman nd aparna reach the storeroom….

Raman finds the keys as he has locked it so that no one opens

Aparna-r u mad…u locked her…..ishita ishita r u there

But no answer

Raman-im not getting the keys

He gets worried

Aparna-u …lost the keys….why did u locked her

Tear fell from aparna’s eyes bcoz they r not only bestie …but sisters for life….They both love each other a lot

Raman gets the keys

He opens it

They get inside

Raman switch ons the torch

They start finding her nd then come across ishita

Aparna screams

Raman holds ishita

He picks her in his arms nd takes her to hospital


Doctor bandages her head

Nd hand too …her bone is cracked due to her sudden fall

Raman feels guilty seeing ishita’s state

Aparna goes to bring medicine

Nd raman adores ishita

First time he is seeing her beautiful face clearly as every time they r fighting

Raman-actually she is indeed beautiful…vansh was right..but today see what I have done with her…we used to fight but never hurted each other like this

He caresses her hair nd adores her

Ishita is in half conscious state

Tears flow from her eyes

She starts murmuring

Ishita-raman…raman open the door…plz open…plzzzzz

Raman wakes her

Nd ishita scans the place nd then remembers that she was locked

She hugs raman unintentionally

Ishita starts trembling

Raman caresses her back

Raman-ishita…everything is fine…..I’m so sorry for locking u

He says sweetly

Ishita realizes the man to be raman

She moves away in jolt

Ishita(with tears)-why did u Locked me…don’t u know I’m afraid of darkness …huh say

She starts beating him


She holds her bandaged hand

Raman(worriedly)-hey…r u fine…who said u to act like a monkey…stupid…is it still paining

He caressed her hand

They share an eyelock

Just then aparna enters


Ishita looks at her

They have a hug

Ishita-u know how much afraid i got…u know na im afraid of darkness

She makes a pout

Aparna-yes i know how much u r afraid…thats why when i came to know u r locked…i rushed to u dear..

She kisses her forehead

They again have a hug

Raman-ishita..Im really sorry..

Ishita ignores him

Raman-u know who is saying sorry…RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA…He never says sorry even if its his own mistake…nd im saying sorry to u nd u r not accepting it

He makes a puppy face

A smile crepts on her lips

Ishita-ok..i forgave u…but dont dare to do it again


To be continued

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  1. Shalu

    Nice now Raman as feelings for Ishu……….very soon they ll unite……….yiiippeee………..!!!!!

  2. Nivedha

    Cute Ishra moment… Loved it to the core

  3. Zaira

    It was very cuty episode dear……loved the sisterly love of ishita n aparna??…..
    The guilt of Raman was so touching !!!
    If u have time plz read two ffs these r Tere liye it is of 75parts n….shadhi-beginning of life …..this is of 40parts….these r of nivedha akka these r awesome ffs plz read if u have time ???

  4. Ishra moment was so cute loved it

  5. awesome

  6. how cute ishra was….totally loved today episode….omg raman start to see ishita’s beauty….he is changing….ishita will also change seaning Raman’s change….

  7. nice update
    raman was feeling guilty
    he saw her beautiful face
    aparna and ishita is so cute
    pls continue soon

  8. Ankitha

    Amazing Lisa superb plz continue

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