Ishra ae dil h mushkil (part 1)


Hey everyone…Thnk u so much for ur comments…I’m really glad…
So let’s start our episode

Raman is in canteen with vansh

Vansh-Raman…can I ask u something

Raman-sure….why r u asking

Vansh-Raman…did something happened between u nd ishita ….that’s why u both fight

Raman-no…nothing happened….its just that since we both joined we both just don’t like to talk to each other…we r totally opposites

Vansh-but don’t u think opposites attract. ( woah! this reminds me of winni’s ff kehte h opposites attract???)

Raman ( rudely)- never ….we will never attract …. Nd why r u talking about her…have u started liking her

Vansh-no…no …I just wanted to know

Till then ishita enters with aparna

Ishita stares raman nd then ignores

She sits with aparna

Ishita– aparna I need to take revenge …

Aparna-with me…oh god we r so good frnds nd u want to take revenge….how rude

Ishita-arre…stupid not from u from him …raman

Aparna-o god ishita please stop taking revenges…just forget him

Ishita-no I can’t u know na I don’t like him….why did he stuck chewing gum on my chair….that moment was so embarrassing

Aparna-i know but

Ishita-no but wut…. I want to take but how

She thinks

Suddenly she gets an idea

Ishita crosses her arms on her chest nd smirks

She picks her bag

Ishita-aparna…do u want to come with me…

Aparna-but where

Ishita-just come before raman leaves canteen …fast fast

They leave

Ishita buys croton tiglium( jamalgota)

Aparna gets shocked

Aparna-ishita u …u r buying this….JAMAL GOTA

Ishita-yes i am buying it

Aparna-o god ishita ….what will happen with him

They both look at each other nd burst out laughing

They enter canteen nd search for raman

Nd thnkfully he was still there waiting for his juice

The waitor picks the juice

Ishita reaches there



Ishita-i want to play a prank

Waitor-with raman

(Actually ISHRA r fighting with each other so much that each nd everyone in college knows their name)


She smiles nd bites her tongue

Waitor also understands nd she tells him her plan

Waitor-but the blame shod not come on me

Ishita-pakka….nothing will go on u

She mixes jamal gota with juice

Nd keeps grinning all the time

Ishita-done …go

Ishita hides with aparna

Waitor goes nd gives the glass to raman

Raman takes it nd keeps it on the table nd continues talking with vansh

Vansh starts choughing

Aparna nd ishita bang their palm on their head

Ishita-shit…now raman will give juice to himhim

Aparna- now vansh will be gone

Raman picks the juice to give him but vansh asks water instead

Ishirna(ishita nd aparna) sigh

Raman continues talking nd drinks the juice


10 seconds later

Raman starts feeling uneasy

Vansh-r u fine

Raman-i think i need to go washroom

He runs

Ishita nd aparna burst out laughing holding their stomach

Ishita-ha ha…aparna…did ..ha ha…did u see that

Aparna-ha ha …I saw it….ha ha …what a plan

Nd there raman is doing in nd out the bathroom after each 10 minutes

Raman gets to know who is behind

Raman-ishita i’ll not leave u. ….ouch

He again goes inside the bathroom

Shagun is busy finding raman

Shagun is asking everyone
Shagun-oh god….where might be my baby!!

Ishita hears

Ishita-o so u r finding ur raman

Shagun-yes.. Have u seen him

Ishita-yes …i think i know

Shagun-where …tell na

Ishita (laughing)-bathroom..

Shagun(confused)- bathroom???

Ishita tells her everything

Shagun-ishita…what have u done with my baby….r u mad…

Ishita-yes…i have done it with ur Mr. Baby..

She leaves with aparna

Shagun-oh no…raman…he might be so tensed …oh god i need to go …but how can i go…he is a gent so i will need to go gents washroom…no no…i’ll wait near washroom for him to come out

To be continued

So hows it???
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Nd plz tell me that is it boring

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  1. Tvfan1

    awesome and funny! please post with precap 2!

  2. Really so funny episode post next soon

  3. no it’s not boring…it’s really a fun filled episode…loved it…how much ishra hates each other…it’s really nice to see how will they going become friends lovers…so much fun…what’s Raman going to do take revenge…am waiting…

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u ishan…ur comments r really inspiring

  4. Kumud


  5. Shalu

    Its was really funny dr………..and now wat ll happen of Shagun who as planned to stand outside………..???……….waiting for the next one………

  6. very funny episode ishita mixed jamalgota in raman’s juice poor he pls continue soon

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