Ishra abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 3

ishra abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 3
Hi everyone happy new year hope this is a brilliant year for all of you and your family now let’s begin this episode is only on iyer

Ishita: Amma it’s been a month since you left now things have moved on but we really miss you Appa has changed he used to be our dad now he’s like a stranger
Mr.iyer enters
Mr. Iyer: I don’t want to interfere in your live but you all should get married soon please
Shivanya: Appa where are you daughters we are them
Pragya: yeah Appa
Appa leaves
The sisters are devastated

Shivanya is seen alone
Shivanya goes to a mandir
And sees a bright light
Kaun hai woh plays
There is a Pandit there
Pandit: Shivanya come
Shivanya: namaste
Pandit: you saw what
Amma eye ? Shivanya sees 5 people
Mrs.bhalla is shown stabbing Madhu
And 4 other are unknown but ones hand looks like Ritik
Flashback ends
Shivanya: tell me why
Pandit: she gave birth to a Naagin so it was bound to happen you are a Naagin
Madhu: Pandit ji I cant make it to hospital
A delivery woman comes and does delivery
A girl is burned with a mark onher hand
Amma hugs her daughter
Pandit: your daughter is a Naagin
Amma: no
Pandit: u will see in the future but if you get killed your murderer pic will be in you’re eye as well
The baby ? skin becomes a Naagin skin
Naagin ki Shakti shiv plays
Flashback ends
Shiavnya: I will take revenge
Ishita: Shivanya
Shivanya is stunned to see Pragya and Ishita
Shivanya: what are you all doing here
Ishita: we just came you doing Pooja
Shivanya in her mind
For now I will hide it
Shivanya: yeah
Pragya: ok

Shivanya recalls and trips and slips
Shivanya falls out a mountain Shivanya turns into Naagin

Ishita has some worry
Ishita: Shivanya what can you be hiding I know to protect you
Shivanya: di
Pragya: what happened

Shivanya recalls becoming a snake
A been plays
Shivanya walks out
Ishita and Pragya follow
Shivanya: stop it the tune
A man is playing it
Man: no
Shivanya: shiv ji help me
Man: let me see you Naagin
Shivanya runs
Ishita and Pragya follow
Ishita: stop Shivanya
Pragya: where are you going
Shivanya: guru ji
Guru: I know you came
Shivanya looks on injured
Ishita and Pragya come there but Shivanya doesn’t notice them
Shivanya; my skin hurts a lot
Guru; it’s time for you to change skin
Ishita and Pragya are stunned
Ishita in low voice: how can she change skin
Pragya: let’s see
Shivanya turns in to a big snake and her old skin falls off
Ishita and Pragya are shocked
Shivanya new skin makes her golden dress

Precap: Shivanya sees Ishita and Pragya in the temple as well and gets shocked
Some things happen(wait till next part)
New year party

Looks for party

Stay tuned next part in a week I have exams so let’s do this

  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that Mrs. bhalla and others killed Mrs.iyer. but why did Mrs.bhalla kill her and who are the others?Shivanya is turning into a naagin and now ishita pragya too saw it.what will happen now?

    1. AHT

      You will find out soon thanks for ur support and happy new year

  2. Nice update.

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