Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 3 part 4

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 3 part 4
Hi everyone sorry for late update I dont get time now to post but now I’m back 1 part every 2 days until further notice since I don’t get time let’s make season 3 a hit so I can do season 4 😉 but that’s far so let’s continue please comment and support and I will be answering any of your questions today by the end of the day

Mrs. Bhalla and amma are seen sneaking out of their houses
Mrs. Bhalla: yo
Amma: why did you call me
Mrs. Bhalla: I had to we torture our daughters too much
Amma laughs
Mrs. Bhalla also laughs
Amma: why do we torture them
Amma: I don’t know
Mrs. Bhalla: we are evil
Amma: yeah truly
Amma and mrs bhalla laugh
Amma: wow we just joked we’re not evil we’re doing this to get our relation into marriage my daughters and boy marry your boys and daughters
Mrs. Bhalla: I know it hurts me to hurt Khushi
Amma: it hurts me to torture my 3 daughters
Amma and mrs bhalla leave

Ishita Raman abhi pragya Khushi Arnav Shivanya and ritik recall something at the same time
They see blurred faces
Someone kills them all at once
All come out of recall and are tensed
Gulabi 2.0 plays
A woman comes dancing to it
Her face is shown
All couples are happy to see sonakshi sinha
Ishita: sonakshi ji
Raman: were big fans
Arnav: your movies are a hit
Khushi: yes
Pragya: your songs made me feel like dancing to them
Abhi: yeah
Shivanya: you here though
Ritik: yeah
Sonakshi: so many talking let me talk I’m here because my car is in repair I found this office near me and I didn’t know my big fans will be here
All couples smiles
Sonakshi: are you ready to watch noor on April 21
All couples shout yes
Sonakshi: I have to go but before I go I wanna say something
You’re all couple pairing has been decided already just remember your faith can get you weak the recalls you get have a past
Sonakshi; let’s dance on my song
All couples dance on move your lak from noor
Sonakshi leaves
Couples wonder why sona said that

Precap: more flashback and a snake is gown

Spoiler: next part will be long

Next part will be longer and I’m answering questions do comment

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    sonakshi’s appearance was a surprise. loved her dialogue to them.they all dance with to see her in ur ff as a part of film promotion like we see in serials.please update your other ff also

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