Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 8


Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 8

HI everyone thanks for the support and comments and I thank you for your support and comments and please keep on commenting and giving support a big twist of season 2 will hit soon I might not be able to post soon school work so let me begin

Mr iyer goes towards the adress
He knocks on the door
Ishita opens the door
Ishita: Appa
Mr. Iyer: Ishu
Pragya Shivanya come and see him
Pragya and Shivanya: Appa
Mr iyer hugs them but they move back
Mr iyer: why did you leave
Ishita: due to consequences we have to go to office
Ishita Pragya Shivanya walk out

Khushi sees Mr iyer and doesn’t come in front of him
Mr iyer goes and is happy and khushi closes the door
Ishita Pragya Shivanya and khushi are walking and all of the sudden khushi bumps into someone
Ishita: khushi
Khushi sees the person and is shocked
All are stunned to see her
Ishita: sitara
Shivanya: sitara
Pragya: sitara
Khushi: Sitara
Maya: I’m Maya not Sitara
Ishita: you died
Maya: I’m Maya Maya agarwal the face might match but I’m not siatara
Maya goes while the herions are stunned

All the guys are walking towards somewhere
They ring the bell
The door opens
Ishita is shown and shocked
All the guys walk in
Pragya Shivanya and khushi come out and are stunned
Raman: so this is a new place these people live in
Ritik: why are they even here
Abhi: don’t even want to see them
Arnav: whatever
Ishita gets angry
Ishita: why did you come here
Ishita phone rings
Ishita: heloo
Rohan; hi
Ishita smiles
Ishita: rohan
Rohan: I’m in india let’s party
Ishita: I’ll meet u there in the hotel party
Rohan: what’s our code word we have to go as couple though since it’s a big party
Ishita: yeah we will go as couple
Raman is shocked
All men leave while woman cries

Rohan: I did what you said now leave my mom
Woman; I’m not done with you Ishita is your friend you like her I will release your mom but u and her better go got it
Rohan: yeah
Woman: here is your mom
An woman and with a tape  is walking with some ladies
Woman gets released
Rohan: Maya you didn’t do good
Maya is shown
Rohan leaves with his mom

Maya laughs
Maya: remove the scarfs and nikab
The ladies remove the scarfs
Shagun shesha tanu are shown
They laugh
Shagun: well done sit Maya

Precap: Maya twist revealed
Promo of upcoming parts
A new twist is brewing
Maya is seen
Maya is laughing
Maya: I will destroy them
Maya laughs and is seen with the villans

What does This Maya want stay tuned

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  1. Jasminerahul

    lovely scene of father n daughters.nice encounter of d heroines n maya.nice to see raman jealous of rohan ishita.rohan is blackmailed by maya 2 go with ishita in d name of his mom.oh…

  2. Im his chashmish

    Nice episode but increase my abhigya part pls pls pls its a request yaar plss equal to raman and ishita part pls giv abhigya also importance. And last request long updates pls ?????

  3. Siddhi

    Amazing loved it please update asap

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