Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 6


Ishra abhagya and naagin love story part 6
HI everyone thanks so much of the comments and let’s see which couple reunites first but don’t worry I’m working on the track it takes me time to think about please comment and give me your support saathiya cameo will come soon

Ishita: so we should go to our new home
Khushi: do you have the address
Ishita: Shivanya or Pragya has it
Pragya: me I don’t
Shivanya: I have it
They ask for directions Noone helps
They reach a market

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are seen shopping there
Mrs.bhalla: I’ll be back from that store
Amma: okay Toshi

All 4 of the her ions walks toward a saree person
Ishita: excuse me can you tell me where this is
Pragya: yeas please
Khushi: it says Mumbai india
Shivanya says the address
Amma face is shown
Amma: it’s down the street to the right
Ishita: thank you aunty
Amma turns
Amma and all 4 are shocked
Amma: Ishu Pragya shivu and khushi
Amma cries
Ishita: Amma
Shivanya: Amma
Pragya: Amma
Amma turns around and then looks back
Amma: who are you all
Ishita: Amma
Amma: what Amma my daughters left me 1 year 6 months ago I think they died and killed me also
Shivanya: don’t say that Amma
All crie
Mrs.bhalla: santoshi what happened
Mrs,bhalla sees them and gets shocked
Mrs.bhalla goes towards khushi and slaps her
Khushi: ma
Mrs.bhalla: what ma you left your ma 1 year 6 months ago what ma if you considered me your ma you wouldn’t have left me
Mrs.vhalla cries
Ishita Pragya Shivanya and khushi walk away
Amma hugs Mrs bhalla and cries

Ishita Pragya Shivanya and khushi are walking around upset
Arnav car goes by
Ishita almost gets hit
Arnav: o I am so
Arnav gets shocked to see them
While all the ladies are shocked to
Arnav: you all
Ishita: Arnav
Arnav: sorry stranger I bumped into you
Arnav leaves and cries
Arnav is seen in USA
Arnav: Ishu what are you doing
Ishita: o please I have changed
Flashback ends

Ishita Pragya Shivanya and khushi come to their new house
They all in their room cries

Maya is seen on the other hand
Maya: good work pays off fish loves water and I love doing evil
Maya laughs and walks

Precap: Arnav tells Amma not to keep in contact with them and Ishita Pragya Shivanya father Mr iyer re entry all the 4 herion meets Maya and are stunned

A lot of will happen

Please tell me how is the story so far Maya twist will shock you

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  1. Jasminerahul

    amma mrs bhalla n the girls meeting was very sad.hope they unite soon.ishu taunted arnav in US n now arnav considers her as a stranger.sad.whats this maya upto?

  2. Mukundraj

    update next part soon

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