Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 4


Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story part 4
HI everyone thanks for the support and comments 😉 🙂 and keep on reading and commenting a big twist comes

Raman Abhi ritik and Arnav decide to go comfort the ladies

Ishita: we will move away from here
Pragya: I can’t live here anymore
Khushi: your right
Shivanya: after so many years why did they return
The doorbell rings
Ishita sees through the camera and is stunned
Ishita: it’s Raman Abhi ritik Arnav
All the ladies are shocked
Ishita opens the door and yells
Ishita: what do you want
Raman: we want answers
Ishita: you came to the wrong place Mr Raman
Raman: let us in
Ishita: not in a billion years we don’t care about you
Raman: my sister probably wants to meet me
Ishita: khushi
Khushi: yeah
Raman: khushi
Khushi: who are you o Raman Kumar bhalla it’s you ugh bye
Khushi goes back in
Ishita closes the door
The men go and but vow to return tomorrow

At night
Ishita Pragya Shivanya and khushi pack their bags and leave in a airplane
Ishita: well be in USA new York soon

The men return to India
Arnav: your daughters are in UK
Amma: what
Arnav: they left from there
Amma: no
Amma cries
Mrs.bhaala cries as well
Amma: one day they will return

6 months later
Shagun shesha tanu arrive at new York at Maya house
Maya makes them come in
Maya: who are you and what do you want
Mute conversation
Maya: get out you I’m Maya
Shagun shesha tanu are shocked and leave
Shagun: she is Maya
Tanu: she is Maya she’ll never come on our side
Shesha: should I scare her
Maya: I know u want siatara she looks like me but she isn’t me
Shagun: o come on they’re is no chance your Maya
Flashback ends

Ishita is seen more changed now
Ishita now likes to party and hugs boys
Ishita: you rohan
Rohan: hey
Ishita hugs him
Rohan is Ishita friend
Ishita: let’s party man
Ishita dances work from Rihanna and then naagin
Everyone claps
Khushi Shivanya and Pragya also arrive and dance on nachde ne saree
Everyone claps

Maya: fish life is water if I take the water out the fish will die first of all
Maya laughs
Maya: what I do is up to me I can kill anybody
Maya gets a phone call
Maya: didi
the girl: how many times call me hira
Maya: sure these people keep on asking me if I’m siatara
Hira laughs
Hira: Maya your funny
Maya: hahahah

Maya Shagun tanu shesha face is shown on top and on the bottom ishra abhagya rivanya face is shown

Precap: destiny has a twist and again drags Ishita Pragya khushi and Shivanya back to India while shagun shesha and tanu also return

Spoiler: India time let’s see what happens twist to come when Maya will come to India
Time will tell what happens stay tuned

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  1. its to short yaar

  2. Who had drag good ladies back to India?

    Why does villain ladies returned to India, want to separate good ladies from men who loves them badly

    Men should understand that the villain are behind this and want to save them from getting harm. Men should stop villain to interfered their relationship.

  3. Siddhi

    Amazing please continue soon and Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 epi-26 is updated read and comment

  4. Nice episode.. Upload next ep ASAP.. Keep it up..

  5. Jasminerahul

    shocking that ishita has changed a lot.Hira as maya’s whats this hira upot?maya also seems 2 b a vamp

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