Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 33

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 33

Heloo everyone we’re back with season 2 tomorrow is a fresh start story schedule is at the bottom for next week so let’s begin keep on commenting and giving support

5 years later
Someone is writing a dairy
Those moments were mine now they aren’t you were mine and now you aren’t what could I say the world has changed the world that once belonged to me now never will belong to me I have mixed feelings for everything the world has changed now I care about my sisters protection but deep down my heart still beats i have Raman in my heart and I know Khushi has Arnav Shivanya has ritik and pragya has abhi in they’re heart but they pretend they don’t what have given us life pain and pain
Ishita is shown wearing jeans and a shirt
Ishita: Shivanya Khushi pragya
Shivanya: I’m in the kitchen come and have breakfast

Shivanya is seen in a designer suit with embroidery
Shivanya: come on already
Shivanya eyes go off the window
Shivanya sees a couple talking
Shivanya gets flashback
Ritik; Shivanya
Shivanya: ritik
Ritik hugs Shivanya
Flashback ends

Pragya: come on Shivanya
Pragya is seen in a saree heavy embroidered but no glasses
Pragya: Shivanya
Pragya gets a text from her friend
Pragya read the text I’m getting engaged
Pragya remember abhi proposing but acts strong

Ishita pragya and Shivanya are seen sitting at breakfast
Ishita: where is Khushi
Shivanya3 Khushi
Pragya: Khushi
A girl comes
She is seen in her salwar kameez embroiled
Khushi: I’m comming
Khushi recalls Arnav
Khushi acts strong
All the girls talk laugh and eat breakfast

Meanwhile in office
A man is seen angry
Man: why didn’t this deal get finalized because you are all dumb
Person: sorry Raman sir
Raman is shown
Raman: I have no interest in a buisness person not one mistake
Raman fumes
Raman sees ishita pic in his drawer
Raman: you did this why ishita
Raman sheds tear but gets stricter

Ritik is seen yelling at peon
Peon; tea
Ritik: it’s in a regular glass and I don’t drink in it
Peon: sorry
Ritik: what sorry shut up and get me good tea I have to get that deal
Peon: sir can I go home early I have to get ready to meet my girlfriend
Ritik slaps the peon
Ritik: get out
Peon leaves
Ritik remembers Shivanya
Ritik: I hate you Shivanya

Abhi is seen doing a presentation
Person: sir why don’t you record a song to play as well
Abhi gets angry
Abhi: did I ask you for your opinion
Abhi: did I no so shut up
Abhi sees pragya on the next slide
Abhi: who did this
A person laughs
Person: April fools
Abhi slaps himand kicks him out
Abhi: I hate pragya.

Arnav is seen at home
Arnav: why isn’t that deal finalized
Arnav gets angry
Amma: Arnav calm down
Arnav: amma I have to go here is money you can do shopping go with dad
Amma: ayo Arnav
Arnav is seen walking in pride

Precap: the villans are shown
The boys plan to go to France
The girls live in France

Some major twists comming

Ishita look through out the story

Shivanya look the red one is her

Pragya look*xy-photos-images-pics-download/

Khushi new look

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Saturday promo for both stories and you can ask me any question I’ll answer

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