Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 3


Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story part 3
HI everyone thanks for the support and people who are asking how cum siatara is alove and how she is Maya is a big twist maybe Sitara isn’t alive you’ll see as the story moves on please keep on commenting and giving support reuniting the pairs not now you will have to see

Suhana: of course I know you are my daughter  Maya agarwal
Maya laughs
Maya: and these people think I’m Sitara I’m Maya only I don’t even know who Sitara is then why am I thinking about this
Maya goes to party in a place

Ishita: heloo sis
Shivanya: hi sis where we’re you
Ishita: going to a party you all 3 should come along
Khushi Shivanya and Pragya get ready

They arrive at a party
The waiter offers beer they reject it
They dance on kala chashma and then pani wala dance

Ishita sees Maya but doesn’t see her face
Ishita walks towards her but then the waiter spill drink on her she goes to wash it

Maya: ok then I’m tired bye
Pragya comes there and sees Maya and is stunned
Pragya: Sitara
Maya: hi my name is Maya agarwal
Pragya: my name is Pragya Abhi no I mean arora
Maya: nice meeting you
Person: Maya come
Maya leaves
Pragya thinks
It’s someone else or Sitara would have told us

The boys reach London
Raman: I want this deal done so we can go back
Abhi: I know right
Arnav: we will
Ritik: time to work
A girl sees Abhi and comes to him
Girl: Abhi the Rockstar I’m your fan
Abhi: who’s a Rockstar I’m a businessman and now would you please leave
Flashback is shown
Abhi: I can’t take this music any future I will join office I hate this because I found love because of it
Abhi leaves his writing and goes
Flashback ends
They boys arrive at aa industries
The boss comes to them
Boss: u must be here to deal with us from India right
Raman: yes
Boss: I’ll split you 4 up since we have 4 contracts to be read
Boss: you Raman will be in cabin 1
          You ritik cabin 2 Arnav cabin 3 and Abhi cabin 4
Raman walks toward cabin 1
The wind blows
a lady is there eyes closed with paper on her face
Lady sees someone
Lady: heloo you are
Raman: I’m Raman bhalla
Lady gets stunned to hear the name and removes her paper
Raman is shocked and stunned to see Ishita
Raman: you
Ishita: u what are you doing here
Raman; o well ms Ishita u betrayer now lives in London wow
Ishita: um
Raman: living happily after betrayal you ruined my life
Ishita gets teary eyed
Ishita: you ruined mine
Raman: let’s just get on with the contract I don’t want to see your face after this I hate you
Ishita gets hurt seeing hatred
Raman sings the paper and leaves
Raman and Ishita cry
Hamari adhuri kahani plays

Cabin 2
Ritik enters
Ritik: heloo I’m ritik bhalla
Ritik sees someone and gets stunned
Ritik: Shivanya
Shivanya: ritik you
Ritik: heloo
Shivanya: hi
Ritik sees Shivanya changed and her back is backless and is shocked
Ritik leaves the cabin
Shivanya and ritik cry

Cabin 3
Arnav enters
Khushi: what now
Khushi sees Arnav and is stunned
Arnav looks at her with anger
Arnav: o not you I hate you the most in my entire life
Khushi: do you think I care
Arnav leaves

Cabin 4
Abhi enters and sees Pragya
Abhi: you because of you I hate myself
Pragya is stunned
Pragya: you ruined my life
Abhi just leaves

Hamari adhuri kahani plays

The ladies get annoyed and come out and turn the music on and start dancing on nachde ne saree and chaar botal vodka

All the men are shocked
Ishita: I have to go to a party bye
Pragya: okay sis let go home and I’m tired I boss were all leaving
Boss: you can’t go
Shivanya: o shut up
Khushi: seriously learn to shut up
They leave leaving the man stunned

Ishita: Raman go back we hate all of you
Hate you got it

Precap: the men travel to India and tell Amma she gets a wish that her daughter return
After 6 months while shagun tanu and shesha reach Maya house

Spoiler a 6 months leap all of them will move to USA

The next part will be uploaded lately since I’m busy with school about to start
Last leap is gonna happen then big drama

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    so she is maya,not sitara.wil maya too join the vamps?heroes n heroines met.but it was bitter n sad.hope all mu get cleared.sad that abhi left music too.

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