Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 25

Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 25
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A woman is seen walking toward a foot
Woman: your mine
The phone rings
Woman throws the phone
Woman: I shagun will get you Raman your mine
Shagun (Anita) face is shown
Shagun: you will be mine Raman
Another woman comes to her
Woman: you want Raman I want abhi
Shagun: tanu
Tanu face is shown
Tanu: abhi I want
Tanu: I brought 2 people they’re After the same family
2 woman’s walk
Woman 1: i want Arnav
Sitara face is shown ( sitara will be played by madhuri naik) this is how she will look
The top picture

Shagun: sitara
Sitara: well
Woman 2 turns into a snake then back
Woman 2: i want ritik
Woman 2: I’m shesha and want him
Shesha ( Adaa khan ) is shown
Shesha: we will get them
Shesha: that family will have more than 4 villains but they couldn’t come today so

All villains agree to destroy them for love and property

Shagun: ishita pragya Shivanya and Khushi will pay
All villains laugh

Raman: o madrassan we have work to do
Ishita: who you calling madrassan
Raman: what do you think you are
Ishita: o shut up
Ishita: what do you want
Raman gets close to her
Ishita: what are you doing don’t try to kiss me
Raman: why would I and I wasn’t thinking that I’m just removing the bug on your shoulder beside have you every kissed anyone
Ishita: obliviously I have
Raman: yeah right
Ishita gives Raman a small peck on his lips and then runs
Raman smiles
Raman; that’s not how you do it
( inspired from bang bang the movie)

Abhi: I have decided let’s become friends I need someone to talk to and I think your right for my concert
Pragya; really you want me to become your friend
Abhi: yes
Pragya: fine
Abhi hugs pragya
Kumkum bhagya plays

Shivanya: ritik our recent studies shows
Ritik stares at her without saying anything
Shivanya; ritik heloo
Ritik shakes
Ritik: what happened
Shivanya: were you paying attention to me
Ritik: yes I was
Shivanya tries to leave to do something
Ritik holds her hand
Ritik: I’ll come with you
Ritik holds her hand and they both walk together

Arnav: Khushi
Khushi: yes
Arnav: let’s leave our differences alone and become friends
Khushi: your kidding right
Arnav: no I’m not
Khushi: o reAlly
Khushi: fine I always wanted a friend like you
Arnav and Khushi smile

Precap: villains first plan to destroy friendship
The couples start to feel for each other

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Since they are reliving their life shagun is alive again.I had asked you who sitara is many times. But you hadn’t answered.but now you revealed that sitara is madhura.thankyou.ishita’s surprise kiss for raman n ritik lost in shivanya was romantic. Abhigya arshi becoming friends was nice

  2. Jasminerahul

    I have a doubt. After reliving their past will they come back to present? What will happen to big ruhi..pihu…Rocky…Shivangi. ..old Rivanya?

    1. AHT

      They aren’t in past due to shiv ji twist time has rewinded soon naagmani track will come I have a lot of things planned

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes,time rewinded,thats what i meant by the present will also be shown again.right?

  3. nice episode loved couples cute scenes

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