Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 21


Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 21
Hi everyone been along time I have returned just for you people I missed writing this so I have returned thanks for your patience and I’m sorry that I left please give support and hear we begin

Shivangi suhaagraat
Rocky comes and closes the door
Rocky tries to hold Shivangi hand
Shivangi moves her hand
Rocky is shocked
Rocky: Shivangi
Shivangi: I’m sorry I can’t be close to you yet
Rocky is shocked and heartbroken
Rocky goes to the couch and completely understands her
They sleep

Shesha: did rocky wedding happen with me ruchika shesha
Yamini: kali naagin put me down
Shesha: over acting ki Dukaan
Shesha gets a phone call
Shesha; what
Yamini: what happened
Shesha: Shivanya and ritik ran away
Yamini is shocked
Yamini: if they get escaped that means we’re dead
Shesha: don’t worry naagmani is ours since Shivanya is powerless and then ritik can’t do anything we have their daughter
Yamini: way kali naagin you used your brain naagmani will be your and mine only
Shesha: I’ll be back
Shesha goes and comes
Shesha: I bought you a surprise
Avantika with vikram enter
Yamini: avantika
Avantika: naag mani
All villains laugh

Couples are seen in their good times when ritik and shivanya enter
All couples are stunned
The boys hug them while the girl hug shivanya
Shivanya: where is Shivangi
Ishita: Shivangi married rocky for revenge
Shivanya is stunned
Ishita: she is also a naagin
Shivanya: no call Shivangi now
Shivangi comes after a while
Shivangi: ma baba
Shivangi hugs them and cries
A saphera comes and plays tune
Shivanya nothing happenes to her
Shivangi starts to change
Shivanya throws him out
Shivanya: Shivangi
Yamini: I Shivanya shut up
Yamini tune plays
A black snake comes and grabs ritik and Shivanya
Shivanya: ma shesha
Shesha shakes but holds on
Ishita; let go of them
Raman: yeah
Yamini: you have one night to decide if you don’t pick up naagmani we will kill them
Avantika: and it won’t be pretty
Shivanya sees avantika and is stunned

Abhagya is seen in Switzerland
Pragya: what do you mean you want a baby
Abhi: do I have to explain it
Abhi hugs her and kissed her
They get way too much intimate

Arshi is seen in Paris
Arnav: why abhi are we in Paris
Abhi; we were burned to come here
Abhi gets close to her

In India
Ishra and Shivangi are worried
Shivangi: what should I do

A small girl comes
Girl: papa
Raman is stunned so is ishit
Raman: pihu

Precap: pihu twist
Naagmani night what will happen
Abhagya and Arshi romance continues

Season finale will get close now season 3 will be a continuation since season 2 I will end with a twist

Sorry for the focus on rivanya a big track will come that will make the focus more on the couples as well you’ll see in sorry next part before Christmas

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  1. Jasminerahul

    missed this.sad that shivangi is distancing rocky from her bcz of mu.hope atleast in ur ff shivangi gets 2 know that rocky is innocent n accept him.though rivanya escaped the vamps caught them 4 naagmani blackmailing them 4 what will they do?how will they escape from d vamps?abhigya r very romantic.what is pihu’s twist?

  2. Nice

  3. superb!!!!!

  4. Siddhi

    Nice please continue

  5. I really enjoys this. Its a request from me that don’t stop writing

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