Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 20


Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 20
HI everyone sorry for late update I’m back been busy so let’s begin thanks for the comments and support and keep on commenting and giving support part 2 of season 3 will be posted soon as well so here we go

A few weeks later
a mandap is there 2 people are getting married
Near the mandatory we see Ishita who is looking beautiful in a gold gown she is with Raman who is in a Kurta
Khushi is seen in red dress and Arnav is seen in suit
Pragya is seen in a silver saree while abhi is in jeans and shirt
The groom is shown it’s rocky
The bride is Shivangi
Shivangi is seen thinking
Shivangi in her mind
Inteqaam I will take you killed my ma baba revenge
Shesha is there as well and is angry at yamini
Avantika holds her neck and she calms down
The marriage gets complete
Naagin ki bhakti shiv plays and shivangi starts to change but controls herself
Shivangi gets bidaii

Ishra are seen in a room
Ishita: Raman shivangi will take our revenge
Raman: yes she will
Raman gets close to Ishita
Raman: you look stunning
Raman gets intimate with her

Pragya is seen standing
abhi hugs her
Abhi: fuggi my silver fuggi I love you
Pragya: Abhi let me go
Abhi: shhhh
Abhi kisses her on the lips and is see  intimate

Khushi is seen arguing
Khushi: what Arnav ji you didn’t compliment me
Arnav: really
Khushi: yes
Arnav kisses her on the cheek
They smile while arnav falls on khushi lights get dim

Someone is seen tied somewhere
Shesha comes there with avantika and yamini
Shesha: you both are still alive I wanna kill you but your daughter has to pay behna for going after my rocky
Shivanya face is shown
Shivanya: why shesha your my sister
Shesha: you stole ritik
Ritik: I don’t live you
Yamini: shut up all let’s begin a new revenge

All couples faces shown

Precap: Rivanya escapes and tries to run
Rocky tries to hold shivangi hand Shivangi backs up
Couples see something and are stunned

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Wow..ishra abhigya arshi rocky shivangi wedding happened.loved abhi calling Prague silver fuggy bcz of her saree’s colour.romance of all couples was nice.rivanya are hidden by vamps. I am so happy that they are alive

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