Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 19


Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story season 2 Part 19
HI everyone I’ll be doing 2 different season season 3 is my other one where I’m continuing the old story this one is season 2 thank you for comments and support

Shivangi: I will kill all of them who killed my ma baba
Shivangi: I will become a dangerous person which won’t accept it

Shivangi reaches balla house
Ishita: shivangi
Shivangi hugs her and cries
Everyone look on stunned
Pragya: what happened
Shivangi: they killed my ma baba for naagmani
Ishra Abhagya arshi are shocked
Ishita Pragya console shivangi
Amma cries hearing it
Khushi console Amma

Shivangi goes in front of shiv idol
Shivangi: o shiv ji you will give me power for inteqaam I want revenge give me power
Shivangi does tandav
Some force pushes her to the wall
All couples are stunned
Shivangi turns into a naagin
Shivangi turns back
Naagin ki bhati shiv plays

Rocky: shivangi
Shivangi turns back quickly
Rocky: I heard of your mom and dad death I’m sorry but will we worry
Shivangi: we will get married
Rocky smiles and leaves
Shivangi: this marriage will be your biggest mistake my name is naagin
Ishita: wah shivangi your doing a great thing
Pragya: shivangi we will help you
Khushi: whoever hurt shivanya and ritik will get it
Raman: yes we are all with you

Shivangi; now we will start a revenge
All nod in a yes

All couples do Rivanya death rituals and cries

Precap: a few weeks later rocky and shivangi marriage is happening while couples get romantic some one is seen somewhere with someone

Promo for upcomming

Ritik and shivanya death
Shivangi revenge to start
Couples to become one and give a baby
Someone is seen somewhere tied with someone
who is these someone’s?

Part 2 of season 3 will be posted soon as well
I’m sorry to the people feeling overwhelmed hurt I’ll be busy upcomming days for school so part 2 and part 20 of both seasons will be posted later on this week

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  1. Jasminerahul

    thanku so much 4 continuing this.i’m very grateful 2 u 4 this.shivangi turning into a naagin was superb.rocky shivangi scene was shivangi doesnt doubt Rocky,right?waiting 4 their wedding.loved other couples supporting shivangi in revenge.happy that she is not alone here unlike in d show

  2. Good episode

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