Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 18


Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 18
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Host: let’s begin the Sangeet first performance will be Ishita and Raman
Ishita and Raman come and dance on tum hi ho
Then abhi and Pragya come and dance on pyar Kiya to darna kya
Then Arnav and khushi dance on manma emotion jaa age
Then ritik Shivanya dance in Gerua
All clap for the performances
Punjabi wedding song all dance on it

All the ladies get pulled somewhere
Ishita: who are you
Raman; 8ts me It’s my turn to love you
Ishita smiles
Raman kisses Ishita Ishita runs away
Pragya: Abhi why did you
Abhi covers her mouth
Abhi: shhhh now it’s time for me to love
Pragya she’s
Abhi kisses Pragya on the lips
Pragya runs away

Khushi: who are you
Arnav without taking a chance kisses khushi
Khushi smiles
Iss pyar Ko kya naam Doon plays

Shivanya: Ritik this is no time for romance
Ritik: o please shivanya
Ritik gets clooses to shivanya
Ritik kisses shivanya on the lips

Shivangi: Rocky
Rocky: shh your mine
Shivangi: after marriage
Rocky: okay okay
Shivangi goes away
Rocky smiles

Yamini is walking by
A woman comes and screams yamini
Yamini: who are you
Woman: I’m your friend
Yamini: you rihana were the one who told shivanya
Yamini stabs Rihanna
Someone sees her
Yamini and shesha come and stab people
Avantika also starts stabbing
Shivanya is walking and sees yamini
Shivanya: Ritik
Ritik sees yamini and is shocked
Yamini sees them
Yamini: my bahu and son come here Shesha go to shivanya
Yamini: Ritik how are you
Shesha: behna
Shivanya: shesha meri behen
Shivanya hugs shesha
Shesha feels the connection but tries to stop herself
Shesha: you will die my sister
Shesha stabs shivanya and it doesn’t affect her
Shesha: what
Shivanya: I’m a naagin
Shesha: fine then take my poison knife
Ritik and shivanya start to run
The villans start to fire bullets
Everyone starts to get shot while ishra Abhagya Rivanya arshi leave with shivangi from the back

Shivangi faints
Shivanya: we have to do something
Shivangi turns into a naagin
Shivangi: ma I will help you in your revenge from all of them they killed your mom
Shivanya hugs her
Shivanya: shivangi I have been stabbed by the knifes after I die you must note the killers you have a lot of revenge people
Shivanya dies while falling someone shoots her
Shivangi sees the picture and cries
Shivangi: ma I will take your inteqaam
Ritik come there and also dies

Precap: shivangi asks ishra Abhagya arshi for truth couples do last rituals of Rivanya

Guy’s there is a twist shivanya and ritik are alive but a twist awaits them

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  1. very nice and interesting.Watch for all video episodes.

  2. Siddhi

    Seems interesting nice

  3. Jasminerahul

    dance scenes were nice.but missed rocky shivangi’s dance.kiss scenes of couples were romantic.vamps killing all.sad.i was disappointed when rivanya died.but relieved after reading ur note that rivanya will b alive.i’m waiting 4 that twist

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