Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 12

Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 12
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Raman Arnav ritik and abhi are completely shocked and are thinking about it
A few  days later

The doorbell rings
Ishita: we wanted a new rent person
Ishita opens the door and is shocked
Ishita moves back
Ishita: Nahi this can’t happen
The woman walks in its Maya as in sitar a
Pragya khushi and shivanya come and see her and are shocked
Khushi: sitar a
Maya: what is this I’m Maya Maya agarwal
Ishita: sorry you like sitara
Shagun: cause she is sitara
Shagun shesha and tanu walk in
Shesha: meri pyari behna you stole my love now I will kill you
Shivanya is left stunned
Shesha calls yamini
Yamini song plays she comes with goon
Shesha: where is your daughter shivanya
Shesha hits shivanya with a knife and she starts to bleed
Yamini then stabs her
Shivanya dies
Shesha in her heart cries
Siatara kills khushi
Tanu kills Pragya
Shagun kills Ishita with a Trishul

All Vilans laugh

Yamini: naagmani will be mine
Yamini stabs Shagun Tanu and sitara and comes to shesha
Yamini: kali naagin
Shesha: shivanya is no more let’s go

Suddenly we have a switch of scenery

All the ladies wake up in hospital
Ishita: Raman
Ishita: 25 years
Raman: yes we have been married and you were in  comma
Ishita: how
Ishita: since you all were hit by cars
Pragya khushi and shivanya are stunned
They all are in one room
Abhi ritik arnav are there also
Ritik: you gave birth while in comma your daughter is almost 25
Shivanya: I want to see my daughter
Ritik: she was born in 3 months
Shivanya; my daughter is a naagin what why
Ritik: no she isn’t
a girl is shown with long hair and her face is shown she is shivanya lookalike
She goes into the room
Girl: ma
Shivanya sees her and is stunned they hug each other
Shivanya: shivangi my daughter
Ritik: meet my real mother yamini raheja who I killed because she wanted you to give naagmani
Shivangi: what isn’t your mom Mrs. Balla
Ritik: yes she is
Shivangi: ok ma I’m going bye

Shivangi goes out and bumps into a boy
The boy catches her
Tere sang pyar mein nahi Dolna plays

Abhi is seen talking to Pragya
Abhi: I missed you fuggi
Pragya: I missed you
Abhi hugs Pragya
Pragya gives him a lips kiss they make the curtains from all sides and get intimate
A Zara kareeb sa plays

Ishita Raman kiss and do the same thing

Ritik shivanya gets intimate while arnav and khushi are also seen intimate

Tere sang pyar mein nahi Dolna plays
Shivanya thinks about what happened in her dream
Precap: wedding drama of shivangi to begin

Guy’s I have one thing left
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  1. Jasminerahul

    I was shocked when d vamps tried 2 kill d heroines.I did’nt know that yamini was one among d vamps.but luckily they were not dead.They were in coma n after 25 yrs they recovered.shocking.shivanya delivered shivangi during coma is it possible?nice meeting of shivanya shivangi.ritik killed yamini?I’m confused.did he get arrested?is rocky who is with shivangi?abhigya romance was passionate

    1. Siddhi

      Jasmine do read my ff Tere Bin it is based on Rivanya

  2. It’s really confusing pls clear it pls

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