Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 11

Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story part 11
HI everyone thanks for the support and comments and sorry for late update please keep on commenting and season 3 will come at 2017 after this season ends 2017 so let’s begin

Raman: let’s go to their home
Abhi: yeah
Ritik: come let’s go
Arnav takes them there

Arnav knocks on the door
Ishita opens the door
Ishita: Arnav
Arnav walks in with Raman Abhi ritik
Pragya Shivanya and khushi come and are stunned ‘

Ishita: what do you all want
Pragya: yes what
Raman: why did you all leave us 1 year 6 months ago
Ishita Pragya Shivanya and khushi are shocked to know the question
Raman: answer us
Ritik: or should we think you left us since you left us for someone else
Arnav: yes reveal
Abhi: reveal it know
Ishita: I can’t even say why ha why you wanna know why because
Khushi; because
Pragya: because

Shivanya: u killed Sitara sister all of you that video Sitara showed us and died you killed her sister
Raman Abhi ritik and Arnav are shocked
Raman: what
Abhi: what your lying
Ishita: go Shivanya get the disc
Shivanya brings it and shows them
The male are left stunned

Ishita: now get out
Ishita falls
Raman rushes to her
Raman: Ishita are you fine
Ishita: stay away

Pragya runs to Ishita and slips Abhi catches her
Pragya: let go off me
Pragya goes to Ishita

Shivanya turns into a naagin
Ritik sees it and is shocked
Shivanya turns normal and is about to fall ritik catches her

Khushi goes to Shivanya and slips
Arnav holds her

They all cry
Ae dil hai mushkil plays

Precap:  Raman Abhi ritik and Arnav are shocked as well as few days leap
Sitara goes to the girls house

Spoiler: twists to increase

Guy’s did you watch naagin season 2 I like it so far shesha is so dangerous still shivangi and Shivanya I like and Yamini is a big question I will wait and watch naagin 2 rocks keep in watching naagin2 on Saturday and Sunday 8 pm on colors

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    so now d guys understand why d girls left them.will they b able 2 prove their innocence?anyways fall scene was emotional n romantic n nice song as usual

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    Lovely update soon

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    Nice twist AHT…

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