Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 1


Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story part 1

HI everyone I’m back with part 1 part 2 will be posted but with a delay since I’m thinking of something new part 2 will be posted soon please comment if you like the story please give me support and comment

1 year later in England

A lady is seen walking towards the door
She says that whole life mistake I made 1 year ago by loving someone
When will this punishment end
When will I forget him
Love is love o Raman why did you do this

It is none other than Ishita iyer
Ishita: after 1 year I haven’t forgotten you
Ishita: o hi I’m getting late for a party see you
A woman calls out di
Ishita: what happened Shivanya
Shivanya: where you going
Ishita: party
Shivanya: how do I look
Ishita looks at Shivanya who is wearing a suit and it’s backless
Shivanya: it looks great now bye
Shivanya goes to someone

Pragya is seen dancing with khushi
Pragya: hey sis what’s up
Khushi: yeah shiv what’s up
Pragya and khushi laugh and drag Shivanya to dance with them
They dance on do peg maar plays

Pragya khushi and Shivanya remember Abhi arnav and ritik and get emotional but hide it

In India
A little girl comes to a man
Girl: papa I came first place
Man: ruhi I don’t care aboutit
Its nine other than ruhi and Raman
Ruhi: papa but
Raman: o shut up how many times I told you your father Is dead for you
Ruhi cries and leaves
Mrs.bhalla sees this and leaves crying

Mrs.bhalla sees Abhi who now goes to office
Abhi: ma bye I’m going to office
Mrs.vhalla cries seeing him do work work work

A boy is seen working nonstop
Poen: ritik sir won’t you get tired
Ritik: I don’t care aboutit

Iyer house
Arnav is seen there doing work work all the time
Amma comes to him
Amma: I need to go out
Arnav: Amma take this money and go do shopping I can’t come
Arnav leaves Amma cries
Amma: my 3 daughters what have you done
Amma: Arnav we have to find them 3
Arnav: they are dead for me
Amma: no don’t say that
Appa: shut up Arnav
Arnav: I hate them
Appa: I won’t live here when the brother hates his sisters I love them and will find them
He leaves the house 
Amma stays with Arnav
Flashback ends
Amma: since that day why did it come
Mrs.bhalla comes in and sees Amma crying
Mrs.bhalla: wow look at these fake tears
Amma: Ayo why do you have a problem
Mrs.bhalla: you want chicken biryani
Amma: Ayo ayo
Mrs.bhalla hugs Amma
Mrs.vhalla: I was just joking
Amma: I’m sorry Santos hi I didn’t know this will happen
Mrs.bhalla: I madrasi in friendship no sorry we will remain friends
Amma and mes.bhalla hug and cries
Flashback ends

Precap: shagun tanu and shesha are seen in England and they see someone and get shocked the woman: my name Maya

A lot about the lives of the couples in a year to be revealed soon as

A new twist to shock everyone
Maya twist who is this

A big twist has been planned for season 2

A twist in tale to erupt season 2 to have a lot of twists

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    Wow just brilliant please continue soon and I have update 23 and 24 episode of Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2 please read and comment

  2. jasmine Rahul

    all r sad post separation.Raman is s rude 2 ruhi also.glad that toshi n amma r friends

  3. Welcome back nice one please make fast to unite the pairs

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