Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story promo


Isha, Abhagya an Naagin love story part 12 promo
Hi everyone Exams for New york schools have started this will be my last post until May 31 2016 Tuesday my Exams end may 30 im sorrry I cant post I love to read your comments But I cant post since exam pressure and study I hope you dont mind

Sitara; heloo \Arnav
Arnav: Sitara
Sitara: how are you
Arnav leaves (has been cut due to promo)

Tanu: Abhi
Abhi: Tanu you here please get lost
TAnu leaves Angirly
(Scenes have been cut because of promo)

Shesha: To get you Ritik I will harm shivanya
(Scenes have been cut)

Shagun: Raman
Raman: Get lost i have no more relation with you
(Scenes cut)

Sheha Sitara Tanu and Shagun land up in a same place
Shesha: Who are you all
(SCenes cut)
Shagun: we all pleadge to destroy the who ever comes in our way we will get out destiny
All the villans laugh

The guys are shocked

Will this start ultimate war? What will happen with these vilans? What is the new twist? Dont forget to read on May 31 2016

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Woaw….super promo

  2. Very good and all the best

  3. wishes for ur exam……. do well….. n who plays the harctr of sitara….??

  4. wow amazing promo waiting for next update

  5. Dimple(kanishka)

    Superb…. All the best for ur exam

  6. All the best fr ur exams do well………awesomeeee promo…..waitng….

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