Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 9


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 9
Hi friends thanks for the support and comments you gave me This story will focus on a major change from parents to pairs now I will start to have some kind of friendship between pairs thanks for the support and please keep on commenting and supporting me

Shivanya: Amma
Amma: Shivanya are you okay
Shivanya: Yes Amma i am
Amma: try turning into a snake will it happen
Ishita: yes try Shivu
Shivanya tries and it doesn’t happen
A light glows
Shivanya you are no longer a snake you dont have to live a life of a snake from now on you are a human you have the world with you and now you can live a life of the human if you ever want to become a snake again you have to promise youll forget ytour family
The light leaves
Shivanya: I will never become a snake again
Ishita: I know
Mrs. Bhalla: Shivanya putar im sorry for that time what I did
Shivanya: Aunti you didnt know it will happen and i totally forgive you
Amma: I wont
Mrs. Bhalla: Madhu
Amma leaves
Shivanya: aunty please give her some time she will come along
Mrs. Bhalla and everyone leave
Shivanya gets up and gets dizzy
Ritik catches her
Tum hi ho plays
Ritik: You okay
Shivanya: yes
Ritik goes
Shivanya: for the first time I felt something in my heart waht does that mean

Ishita; Raman
Raman: yes
Ishita; im sorry for calling you ane wgo person
Raman: Its pretty okay
Ishita: its just that I didnt know I used to play with you when we were young
Raman: I totally forgive you no need to ask for forgiveness
Ishita: can we be friends like childhood times again
Raman: Yes
Ishita and Raman shake hands
Yeh hai mohabatein plays

Abhi: Pragya get ready for another concert
Pragya when
Abhi: after two days
Pragya: thank you sir
Abhi; no problem Prag o sorry Fuggi Fugi
Pragya smiles
Pragya: sir
Kumkum bhagya plays

Kushi: Arnav ji your one year older than ,me
Arnav: yes why
Khushi: For all the bad things I said about you im sorry and for bumping into you
Arnav: its okay
Khushi and Arnav smile and enjoy the comapany of each other
Khushi leaves and bumps into Arnav smiles and leaves
Arnav smiles
Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon plays

Shivanya birthday party is held
The bhallas are invited by Ishita
Shivanya: Thank you all for the wishes

Shesha standing outside
Shesha: she is so happy now I will get rid of her
Shesha bumps into Ritik
Shesha keeps ons staring
Ritik leaves
Shesha: Im a naagin why did kuch kuch hota hai happen

While there is another woman plotting revenge ob RaMAN
Shivanya gets shocked to see a snake and hugs Ritik
Khushi and Arnav go on a cofee date
Ishita Raman cute moments

Credit to: AHT

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  2. jasmine Rahul

    shivanya tuned into a human.loved ritik shivanya scene.guess shesha will try 2 snatch her happines.shesha is falling 4 ritik.oh..ishra became friends.gud

  3. Very nice keep going

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  6. Hii AHT!! I am a silent reader of dis fan fiction from first…am very sorry for not commenting in earlier episodes…i love dis story but for me it appears like dis story is showing like shivanya as a kind of patient more than a naagin/human…because in all the episodes u showed her as feeling pain,, feeling dizzy,, feeling week,, etc…as a naagin she must possess some extra powers too….i dont know why but i feel like it showed as shivanya being a naagin before,, it is her weakness dat is highlighted more than her powerfulness….in next episode if she comes as a naagin please show her as a brave,, bold,, and a powerful snakewoman….i am very sorry if i have hurted you…just felt like saying☺☺….

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