Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 7


Ishra, Abhagyaand Naagin love story part 7
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Mrs.bhalla; they’re are new neighbors moving in
Khushi: ur excited as If queen Elizabeth is moving in
Mrs.bhalla: I hope they’re Punjabi so I can get along
Khushi: mom what if they aren’t
Mrs.bhalla: come let’s see
Khushi and Mrs bhalla go toward the next house
Mrs. Bhalla rings the bell
Ishita opens the door
Khushi” ishita
Khushi hugs ishita
Khushi: ishita this is my mom
Ishita: Santoshi, bhalla
Khushi: how do you know
Ishita” o we know Amma
Amma comes and see mrs. Bhalla
Amma: Ishi what is this cow doing here
Mrs.bhalla: oye Cow Is you
Amma: khushi beta how are you
Khushi: good aunty
Amma: Santoshi don’t forget I’ll ever forget what happened
Amma and mrs.bhalla start to argue
Raman comes out
Raman: what is all this drama
Raman and ishita see each other and get shocked
Raman: ishita
ISHITA: yes sir
Raman” you just moved in
Shivanya and Pragya come out and see Abhi and ritik are shocked as also so are Abhi and ritik
Raman: Maa why are you arguing with them
Mrs.bhalla: be quite Raman
Shivanya sees mrs.bhalla
Shivanya: ap
Mrs.bhalla sees Shivanya
Shivanya: aren’t you the one
Mrs.bhalla gets tensed
Amma: why Santoshi you want me to forget all of that because of you my daughters suffered my Shivanya suffered the most you realise getting turned into a snake
Raman ritik Abhi and khushi get shocked to hear snake
Arnav comes
Khushi gets shocked
Arnav” Amma why are you screaming to the world this
Amma: look Arnav
Arnav sees mrs.bhalla
Arnav: Amma please stop
Shivanya gets dizzy
Shivanya: Amma
Amma: what happened Shivanya
Shivanya gets more dizziness
Shivanya falls Arnav catches her
Arnav: Shivu
Ishita: Shivanya
Pragya : Shivanya
Shivanya gets up
Shivanya turns into snake shocking the bhalla and iyer
Shivanya turns back
Shivanya faints
Arnav takes her inside
Amma” because of u my daughter is facing this much Santoshi don’t forget you will not be forgiven
Amma leaves
Ishita: aunty you dint do right that time
Pragya: yes aunty you didn’t
Ishita and Pragya leave

The bhalla goes inside
Raman: Maa why are they blaming you
Abhi: your hiding something
Ritik: tell us
Khushi: mom

Precap: mrs.bhalla tells the truth
Raman Abhi ritik khushi shocked
Raman and ishita have a conversation
Shivanya starts to transform to human forever the pain stars
All the 4 couples are tensed

Credit to: AHT

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